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5 Color Combinations Suitable For Winter Weddings

5 Color Combinations Suitable For Winter Weddings

How to create a gorgeous and comfortable wedding space is one of the most important links. There are countless ways to present a perfect winter wedding arrangement, from elegant luxury to minimalist modernity, and all the possibilities in between. The following are some gorgeous winter theme weddings, hoping to provide some warm inspiration for your winter wedding.


1. Winter wedding in white and green

White and green is a classic and eternal theme in wedding, and many people especially like it to be used in winter weddings. For example, with a large number of candles and flashing lights, enjoy the natural atmosphere brought by seasonal green plants, and decorate the chandeliers, railings, walls, dining tables and other places with large evergreen trees and eucalyptus trees, which greatly enhances the layering of the wedding space.

2. Winter wedding in white

Although couples like to add a little color to the wedding, choosing all-white wedding decorations has a very fashionable, romantic and cool feeling.

Rose may be a romantic flower we are familiar with. When the season of peony comes, we can't help but draw inspiration from its bold beauty and create this minimalist and exquisite bouquet of flowers for the bride.

The following are all-white table decorations, chic and simple, flowers and leaves with different textures, with special textures and metal details as the style, giving new inspiration to winter weddings.


3. Winter wedding in white and gold

Add gold, rose gold or copper metal elements to the floral decoration of the wedding table to create a delicate and elegant texture of the wedding, which is very suitable for winter weddings. Bronze candlesticks, golden tableware, and even leaves sprayed with metallic colors will shine in candlelight, adding extra color to your wedding table.


4. Winter wedding in blue

Speaking of blue, it may not immediately appear in your winter wedding color selection, but it can remind us of the vast frozen lake, which can be matched with white snow and warm clay tones.

The wedding color of blue and white is an eternal choice. It is fresh and unique, and can develop into any style, from classic to personality, wedding trends come and go, but the classic style is eternal.


5. Winter wedding in black

The black theme will bring some mysterious atmosphere and formality to the wedding, especially in winter. Whether it is matched with natural elements such as light-colored flowers and leaves, or accessories such as candles, candlesticks, tableware and hardware, black can add a unique style and solemnity to your dinner table. Match green and white to create a simple and eternal wedding theme, or add clay tones to create a more unique wedding style.



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