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2024 intertextile Fabrics & Accessories Fair
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2024 intertextile Fabrics & Accessories Fair

August 27-29 in Shanghai, China, held 2024 China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo, and thousands of professional buyers at home and abroad to share the platform business opportunities, textile industry events.

Intertextile Fall/Winter 2023 attracted over 95,000 professional visitors from 117 countries and regions. By exhibiting at intertextile, you can consolidate traditional markets, expand emerging markets and enjoy global business resources.

All types of buyers will gather at the Autumn/Winter Fabrics & Accessories Expo, not only the professional buyer groups organized by associations, chambers of commerce and colleges at home and abroad, but also the international famous big brand buyers will be present to purchase and place orders. According to different positioning, the exhibition will also invite headline e-commerce companies such as Tmall and Jitterbug, as well as cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Xiyin and Amazon to open linkage docking and thematic sharing, helping you capture business opportunities out of the sea.

Intertextile Fall/Winter 2024 will also continue to launch a series of high-level business activities, such as the "Super Buyer Tour" and the "1,000-people Group Visit Program", which will bring together all types of buyers and provide benefits to new and existing exhibitors.

In order to better promote the business cooperation between exhibitors and buyers, intertextile continues to upgrade the exhibition services, combined with market trends, for exhibitors and buyers to accurately plan the theme of business matchmaking meetings. 2024 intertextile autumn and winter fabrics and accessories show site, consumer trends as a guide to a number of thematic business matching activities will also meet with exhibitors, locking the needs of both exhibitors and buyers in advance. The trade matching activities guided by consumer trends will also meet with exhibitors, targeting the needs of both exhibitors and buyers in advance and helping exhibitors to maximize the results of an exhibition.

Specialized subdivision of the exhibition area has been a major feature of the intertextile fabrics exhibition, 2024 intertextile autumn and winter fabrics exhibition 13 professional exhibition areas, 39 sub-categories, exhibitors can be based on the product and end-use rapid positioning exhibitors area, the professional audience can be based on the division of the rapid positioning of the supplier, to achieve the exhibitors to browse the exhibition efficiently and time-saving.

At the same time, sustainable innovation space, new technology innovation space, trend display area and other characteristics of the exhibition area, multi-dimensional and multi-frequency presentation of high-quality exhibitors of creative new products, presenting the development of the industry's cutting-edge dynamics, to help exhibitors once the exhibition to realize the global industry trends, wind direction, technological innovation all over.

August 27-29, 2024 intertextile autumn and winter fabrics and accessories exhibition, unlimited business opportunities waiting for you to explore!

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