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Follow Polagra Gastro in Poland (Poznan) and discover new opportunities!
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Follow Polagra Gastro in Poland (Poznan) and discover new opportunities!

Exhibition time: September 25-27, 2024

Venue: Poznan, Poland

As a landmark event for the Polish food and beverage industry, the International Exhibition for Food, Food Processing and Hospitality in Poland (Poznań) attracts food producers and trade professionals from all over the world every year. Organized by Poznań International Exhibitions Ltd. and supported by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture, the fair is undoubtedly the ideal place and event for the food industry to establish customer contacts and order products from each other. The scale of the exhibition is extremely impressive, and every edition is a success. The total area of the last edition of the exhibition amounted to 30,000 square meters. 

In today's competitive business world, companies are constantly looking for new opportunities and platforms to showcase their strengths, expand their markets and build partnerships. Polagra Gastro provides an excellent opportunity to do just that. For companies, exhibiting at the show has a number of important implications. First of all, it is a stage to showcase your products and innovations.

At the exhibition, enterprises can present their specialty food, advanced food processing technology and high-quality hospitality products to a large number of audiences, attracting the attention of potential customers and strongly enhancing brand awareness and market competitiveness. Through comparison and exchange with peers, enterprises can also better understand their own strengths and weaknesses, to further optimize products and services to provide direction.
Secondly, the exhibition helps enterprises to develop a broad international market. Buyers and distributors from different countries and regions gather here, and enterprises can take this opportunity to understand the international market demand and trends, establish international business contacts, and lay the foundation for their products to go global.

Furthermore, the exhibition is also an important place for enterprises to learn and communicate. Here, enterprises can come into contact with the latest technology, concepts and developments in the industry, have in-depth discussions with experts and peers, learn valuable experience, and inject new vitality into their own innovation and development. Exhibitors can also keep abreast of the latest trends and technological developments in the industry, providing an important reference for their own development. In addition, through exhibiting, enterprises can also strengthen the relationship with suppliers and partners. A golden opportunity to explore new customers and find quality partners, the numerous international exhibitors and visitors provide a wide business space for enterprises.

In short, Polagra Gastro is a platform full of opportunities and challenges for companies to expand their business territory and enhance their brand image. If your company is looking to expand and take off in the international market, you should not miss this valuable opportunity.

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