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11 Chic Birthday Party Decorating Ideas For A Festive Celebration

11 Chic Birthday Party Decorating Ideas For A Festive Celebration

Birthday parties are all the rage when you're a kid, yet somehow, as you get older, they start to fall on the back burner. Well, not anymore—if you've been eager to throw a splashy birthday party (for yourself, your spouse, or your BFF), now is the time to do so.

There are so many clever ways to celebrate entering a new year of life that are ultra 'grammable and easy to replicate. Below, check out these 11 decoration ideas will help get you into planning mode ASAP.


1. Cocktail Napkins

It's always fun to create a signature cocktail to honor your birthday, but why stop there? Setting out whimsical cocktail napkins like these will turn your event into a truly Instagrammable moment. Better yet, guests will easily be able to remember which drink is theirs after setting down their glass by remembering the design on their individual napkin.

2. Add Florals to Your Tablescape

No tablescape is complete without florals, as they add so much color and life to any setup. Display them in various vases scattered up and down your table, and your space will appear ultra welcoming and glam.

3. Print Custom Menus

Create a custom menu that features all of the guest of honor's favorite foods, then print these out on nice cardstock and place one on top of each person's plate. Your guests will feel as though they're dining at a fancy restaurant and will appreciate having details about what to expect during each course.

4. Get Creative With Food Presentation

Don't forget about the little details! Small details, like offering guests oranges in lieu of or along with a slice of orange-themed cake, will make a gathering memorable. Everyone loves a good theme, after all!

5. Take to the Beach

If you live near the beach, consider taking to the sand for your party setup/ An oceanside wine and cheese party is an excellent way to celebrate summer birthdays. Everyone can grab a plate and enjoy a sunny, casual get-together followed by a dip in the water.

6. Create Custom Birth Year Cookies

Whether you're celebrating a milestone birthday or not, guests will fall for custom birthyear cookies, which are of course edible, but essentially double as décor. Display these on a chic plate and allow your friends to grab as many as they wish. Young children may enjoy decorating their cookies with icing and sprinkles as a party activity.

7. Bring on the Sprinkles

Add extra oomph to your birthday party floral display by filling a clear vase with sprinkles (place flowers inside in a separate vessel). The end result is so cheerful—and is made even more fabulous when accompanied by a floral-themed cake.

8. Make Chic Place Cards

Use wine corks to jazz up place cards at a wine-inspired backyard dinner. This approach is affordable and easy to DIY, yet, it makes a nice impression. Plus, guests will know where to sit during a more formal meal.

9. Lay Out a Blanket

Recreate the picnic on the beach setup in your own backyard by using some soft, colorful throw pillows, a low to the ground table, and a small area rug to keep everyone nice and cozy. This party had a "glamping" theme and guests enjoyed a hot cocoa station, too.

10. Go Big With Light Up Numbers

Celebrate that big birthday by sourcing light-up numbers displaying your age. These would make for an excellent photo prop, too. Snap pics with a camera and allow guests to take home a few memories.

11. Create Ambiance With String Lights

Hang string lights in your backyard to make a sit down dinner feel like an ultra special affair. You can even opt for colorful strands in a festive hue like pink or green—whichever the birthday honoree prefers.


Article Source:https://www.mydomaine.com/



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