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20 Beautiful Black And White Wedding Decoration Ideas

20 Beautiful Black And White Wedding Decoration Ideas

When you start planning a wedding, it is one of the most important links to determine the theme color of your wedding. Determining the theme color can help you decide the style of many other decorative elements, from holding flowers to the reception area to the design presentation of the wedding scene, which always brings unexpected surprises.

Bold and bright colors are amazing, but there is one tone that will never go out of fashion-black and white. Of course, all white is eternal, but mixing some black details with white will definitely improve the quality of your wedding. You can pursue modern aesthetics or choose a more personal or romantic style. All this is to increase the contrast of the whole wedding and create the most dazzling appearance.

Today, I will bring you 20 creative wedding decorations in black and white tones, and integrate them into your big day. It is exquisite and beautiful without losing the atmosphere.


1. Brief line background arch

The bride and groom stand in front of the background arch to swear, exchange rings and Wedding Kiss, and a brand-new life will begin here!

2. Unique display method of sparkling wine

Create a unique display mode for your champagne water area, choose a black background to highlight the theme color, and decorate the white floral design to further enhance the visual experience.

3. Bridal bouquet

Anemone is one of the unique flowers, with white petals and striking black stamens. Therefore, whether it is used as a bouquet of flowers or as a flower decoration on both sides of the aisle at the wedding site, it is a perfect complement to a black and white wedding.

4. Welcome area display

Customized welcome card will make your big day feel more special. Choose black vinyl material+milky white text with contrasting white flowers to further enhance the appearance.

5. Black translucent cup+anemone
The patchwork anemone decoration on the wedding table is a bit sweet and romantic, and there is another detail that is the finishing touch-black glassware, which is matched with the white tablecloth to create a low-key luxury.
6. Macaroon dessert
Who says your wedding dessert can't be black and white? These macaroon must have been dressed up for this wedding occasion, embellished with golden details to set off the whole atmosphere.
7. Retro waxy seal
Add a retro wax seal to the simple name card, and print the wedding theme letter logo. The black seal forms a beautiful contrast with the white cardboard, which is full of literary sense.
8. Choose a black-and-white wedding venue
One of the best ways to present wedding arrangements in black and white tones is to ensure that your venue conforms to aesthetics. Better yet, find a black and white venue, which features the original floor of the venue. Black and white patterns or black and gray are perfect bases for additional decoration.
9. Black and white wedding cake
Break the tradition, refuse the convention, and use black and white tones with simple and exquisite white flowers and cone candles to make the cake a part of wedding decoration.
10. Carpet decoration with black and white geometric patterns
Another good way to decorate a space with black and white details is to add one or two carpets, which can also create a modern bohemian atmosphere.
11. Black and white contrast tone napkin

Nowadays, couples pay more and more attention to the details of the wedding, so custom napkins are quietly popular, which is also an interesting way to present details. You can add interesting black words or patterns symbolizing the wedding theme to the white napkins to create a sense of ceremony.

12. Black candle+white table flower

Lush white flowers form a long table flower row, and a large number of black candles with gold candlesticks raise the contrast of the table to a new level, simple and fresh.

13. Seat card display-succulent potted plants

Small fleshy potted plants are made of transparent flowerpots filled with black sand and white sand. This unique way of displaying famous cards adds a bit of sweetness and romance.

14. Decorative space —— rest area

It is also very important to create a warm lounge before the wedding. The headrest with black and white pattern design is one of the perfect ways to decorate the space and make the guests feel comfortable.

15. Marble table card

Want a little texture in the black and white dining table decoration? From table number plates to coasters, marble is a perfect choice for white bases. Adding black numbers or letters is not very innovative, and it may even become the highlight of wedding site layout!

16. Personalized dining experience

Combine black and white objects to a brand-new visual experience. I hope these black and white plates, tablecloths and paper products can give you some inspiration.

17. Dance floor decoration

Share a simple way to dress up a simple white dance floor and add interesting letters to present a new design.

18. In contrast to furniture

Choose a white house as the background of the dining area, and match a long white table with a black chair, which has a clear hierarchy and makes the vision more enjoyable.

19. Simple and low-key black and white ash

Black tablecloth is the highlight of the dining table. It perfectly shows a theme wedding style in black, white and gray color with white name cards and silver-gray tableware, and then it is decorated with conical candles, which are sparkling and luxurious.


20. Incorporate a retro atmosphere

Want to balance retro style and modernity in the design of wedding style, combine black and white details with ancient objects, just like this bouquet with beautiful flowers is put into a silver flowerpot and displayed on a retro metal box or wooden frame. In the space of natural light, it is not heavy, but plays a role in stabilizing the whole tone and creating a gorgeous wedding texture.


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