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Can You Distinguish Coral Wool, Polar Wool And Lamb Wool?

Can You Distinguish Coral Wool, Polar Wool And Lamb Wool?

Comfortable and warm bedding is a necessary item for us to resist the cold in winter. Like all kinds of cashmere products, such as coral wool, polar wool and lamb wool, they began to occupy our bedroom and living room, but do you know what fabrics they are? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Coral wool, polar wool and lamb wool are all made of polyester fiber, but in the production process, different processes are used, so the effects are different, and the essence is the different fabric styles made of polyester fabric.



There is no coral in coral fleece, which is named after the long and fine fabric velvet, like coral in the sea.

Advantages of coral wool

1.Soft and comfortable Coral wool monofilament has fine fineness and small bending modulus. After high temperature and high pressure treatment, it has dense wool and soft and comfortable touch.

2.Strong warmth retention Coral velvet fabric has smooth surface, high density between fibers and even and delicate texture, so the internal air is not easy to be lost, and it is very warm to use in winter.

3.Good water absorption and decontamination. Coral velvet fiber is soft and pliable, and can be closely attached to the object to be wiped, so it has strong water absorption and decontamination.

Disadvantages of coral wool

Coral wool has poor hygroscopicity, and it is easy to generate static electricity when used in dry autumn and winter seasons. Due to the weaving principle, it is also easy to lose floating wool.


Polar Wool

Polar fleece is called polar fleece because it has a process of shaking grains when making. The fabric is brushed on the front and the shaking grains are fluffy and dense. The reverse side is brushed, with short villi and clear texture.

Advantages of polar fleece

1.Durable and not deformed

After the setting process, the polar fleece is durable and easy to care, and it can still maintain its shape after repeated washing and is not easy to deform.

2.Light and warm

Light and warm is one of the advantages of polar fleece products. The hollow structure design of polar fleece, together with the clear fluff structure, can lock the air well and resist the cold.

3.Quick drying and easy care

Because the composition of polar fleece fabric is mainly polyester, polyester has the advantages of softness, quick drying and not easy to be eroded by moths and molds after napping treatment, so most polar fleece products are easy to clean and store.

Disadvantages of polar fleece

Polar fleece, because of the large gap between fluff fibers, is easy to absorb hair and dust, and may pilling after long-term use.


Lamb Wool

There is no lamb hair in the lamb wool. Some so-called "lambswool" in the market are essentially polyester or polyester blended fabrics.

Advantages of lamb wool

1.Warm and comfortable

The fabric components of lamb cashmere are polyester and acrylic fiber, both of which are commonly used in winter, and acrylic fiber will be added in most thermal underwear, so lamb cashmere has the characteristics of warmth and comfort.

2.Durable and easy to take care of

Thanks to the characteristics of lamb fiber, the fiber has high strength and wear resistance, which is not only durable, but also not easy to be eroded by moths and molds.

Disadvantages of lamb wool

Lamb cashmere fabrics are all chemical fibers with poor hygroscopicity, so static electricity will be generated during use.


Pay Attention To

In autumn and winter, we often see coral wool, polar wool and lamb wool in household clothes and home textiles, but it is not recommended to use these products personally for infants, asthmatic patients and allergic people, because they are all chemical fiber polyester fabrics in essence, which are easy to generate static electricity and have poor hygroscopicity, and long-term use will do harm to such people.



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