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What Are The Benefits Of Changing Bedding In Winter?

What Are The Benefits Of Changing Bedding In Winter?

Most people think that in the cold winter, the bedding need not be changed so frequently, the temperature in winter is relatively low, and mites and bacteria will not be produced. In addition, the quilts in winter are relatively thick, and it is too troublesome and laborious to change them once. Based on these two points, some people feel that it is no problem not to change bedding all winter. This concept is actually wrong. In winter, we wash and change bedding frequently, which is beneficial to our health!

1. Frequent washing is good for your health

The human body metabolizes every day, and it won't stop because it is winter. After a night's sleep, there will be some dander and shed hair on the bed more or less the next day. Boys with developed sweat glands will also secrete a lot of sweat. These "nutrients" will nourish dust mites and carnivorous mites. If you don't clean the sheets and quilts for a long time, thousands of mites will accompany you to sleep at night, which will seriously cause skin allergies, redness and itching, rhinitis and other health problems.

So in winter, we should also wash the bedding regularly, at the latest in January. Put on a comfortable and clean four-piece suit, and you will feel comfortable in bed and sleep better at night.


2. Replace the seasonal emo regularly

The home environment is changed regularly according to seasonal changes, which is in harmony with the overall style of home decoration and has a positive impact on human physiological functions. Due to the low temperature in autumn and winter, many friends will feel depressed and unable to lift their spirits. Coupled with the high work pressure, it is often easy to emo in autumn and winter.

At this time, we can change the bedding and relieve the depressed mood. It is suggested to change a set of sunny bedding, such as warm yellow, ginger and other warm colors, which can make you happy physically and mentally, thus effectively relieving the pressure in life and work.


3. Replace seasonal bedding with half the effort

It is hot in summer, so changing into cool bedding will make people feel comfortable, cool and pleasant; It's cold in winter, so changing into warm bedding will make people feel warm and happy. Choosing the color and fabric of bedding according to the season will get twice the result with half the effort.


4. Replacing old bedding to improve sleep quality

After a certain period of use, pillow core, quilt and four-piece suit will appear functional aging, such as yellowing, thinning and easy tearing of four-piece suit fabric; The stuffing of the quilt core and pillow core loses elasticity, is unevenly distributed, and is agglomerated into blocks. When these bedding products are covered on your body, you will obviously feel uncomfortable, not warm, and the more you cover them, the colder they get. I suggest you change it quickly. If you continue to use it, it will definitely affect your sleep quality.



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