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2024 International Textile Industry Fair in Warsaw, Poland
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2024 International Textile Industry Fair in Warsaw, Poland

Exhibition time: November 19-21, 2024

Exhibition Address: PTAK Warsaw Expo

Exhibition cycle: once a year

Exhibition scale: more than 500 international exhibitors

Exhibition area: 50,000 square meters

FAST TEXTILE (International Textile Industry Fair) is the largest and most professional Polish International Fabrics and Textile Industry Fair in Central and Eastern Europe, which is held once a year, and has been held for the 9th time so far, including textile machinery, textiles, home textiles, fabrics, accessories, yarns, garments and accessories and other topics. Turkish exhibitors have participated in the exhibition for two consecutive years with an area of more than 1,000 square meters, and this year Pakistan and Germany will participate in the exhibition in the form of national pavilions, which shows that the textile and garment industry occupies a very important position in Poland.

Scope of Exhibits:

Garment fabrics: woolen type, blended, man-made fibers, denim, silk and other types of garment fabrics, etc;

Accessories:buttons, embroidery, lace trimmings, patterns, ribbons, fabric labels, zippers, elastic bands, tailoring supplies, etc;

Fiber & Yarn: Fiber, Drawing Yarn, Yarn, Special Spinning, Spinning Yarn, Fancy Yarn and so on;

Home textiles: curtain fabrics, spangles, curtain accessories, home furnishing fabrics, cushions, wall blankets, furniture upholstery, furniture leather, wall decorative fabrics, decorative fabrics, etc;

Clothing: shawls, scarves, ties, belts, sunglasses, shoes and socks, hats, incense, etc;

Clothing: men's/women's/children's clothing, casual sportswear, knitwear, leather, denim, bathrobes, swimwear, underwear, T-shirts, pajamas and so on;

Textile Machinery: textile machinery accessories and parts, knitting machinery, cotton spinning equipment, printing machinery, sewing machinery, etc.

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