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2024 Las Vegas Pet Show SUPERZOO
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2024 Las Vegas Pet Show SUPERZOO

Exhibition time: August 14-16, 2024

Exhibition location: Las Vegas, USA

Held period: once a year

Industry: pet supplies

Organizer: Global Pet Industry Association (WPA)

Exhibition introduction

SUPERZOO is the oldest pet industry trade show in the United States. Mainly for pet and aquarium supplies wholesalers and retailers in the United States, representing the latest pet industry trends.

The total area of ​​the last exhibition was 30,000 square meters, with 650 exhibiting companies and 21,000 exhibitors.

SUPERZOO can not only exhibit new products and technological achievements, but also find new customers and establish new cooperative relationships. At the same time, it can also learn about the most cutting-edge market and technical information and conduct technical exchanges.

Range of exhibition

Aquarium: ornamental fish, fish tanks, aquarium facilities, decoration, ventilation equipment, filtering equipment, water tank sand, water pumps, heating rods, testing equipment, water plants, fish feed, landscaping, water spray equipment, medical products, other products.
Cats and dogs: cat and dog food, pet toys, dog chews, beauty and medical supplies.
Reptiles and amphibians: various reptiles and amphibians, aquariums, feeds, medical supplies, and other products.
Small pets, dental pets: small pets, pet cages, feed, decorations, medical supplies, and other products.
Birds: birds, birdcages, aviaries, feed, birdcage equipment, medical supplies.
Flower pond pets: cold water fish, aquatic plants, wire mesh, filters, water pumps, feed, decorative ceramics, maintenance supplies, feeding equipment, other products.
Pet publications: pet and aquarium publications, trade magazines, etc.
Pet packaging: pet grooming supplies and facilities, display boards, decoration and advertising materials, packaging facilities and machinery, packaging materials, special packaging pet name tags, signs, etc.
Others: fishing equipment, aquatic entertainment facilities, animal protection products, veterinary products, electronic data processing, dedicated transportation services.

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