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2025 Frankfurt International Home and Commercial Textiles Fair
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2025 Frankfurt International Home and Commercial Textiles Fair

Exhibition time: January 14-17, 2025

Exhibition location: Frankfurt Exhibition Center

Exhibition introduction:

"Heimtextil" - Frankfurt International Home and Commercial Textiles Exhibition, is one of the most successful exhibition brands in Frankfurt, and it is also the largest and most international exhibition in this field.

Market analysis:

Germany is one of the most economically developed countries in the EU. There is a huge demand for home textile products and people pay attention to the quality of life.

In addition, contemporary home textiles also emphasize returning to nature, and the selection of materials emphasizes environmental protection. Germany is the leading country in European home textile imports and the largest economy in Europe.

As the source country of 19% of the EU's population, the German economy is well known for its stability in the EU and has experienced greater growth in textiles than other member states over the years. Heimtextil's authoritative prediction of fashion trends and trends has made it a leader in the global trend of home textile products.

Range of exhibition:

1. Contract Creations: commercial textile decorations, specialized field textiles;
2. Furniture decorative fabrics, curtains, interior decoration fabrics, interior decoration leather/wallpaper, wall coverings, other wall coverings/blankets/floor mats and ground coverings;
3. Bathroom products/sheets and pillowcases, sleep products, mattresses, waterbeds/textiles and accessories for kitchen and dining tables;
4. Sunshade supplies:
a. Finished shading systems and solutions;
b. Shading materials: including rolling shutters, rolling shutters, venetian blinds, blinds, awnings and shade cloths, etc.;
c. Electric components: including tubular motors, drive and control systems, intelligent systems such as smart homes, remote controls, mobile operating systems and other related products;
d. Blackout accessories: such as curtain rods, window decoration accessories made of cloth, bamboo, wood, plastic, metal materials, waterproof materials, etc.

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