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2025 Moscow, Russia Textile Machinery Exhibition INLEGMASH
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2025 Moscow, Russia Textile Machinery Exhibition INLEGMASH

Exhibition time: March 11-March 14, 2025

Exhibition Industry: Textile Industry

Exhibition location: Central Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia

Held period: once a year

Exhibition area: 30,000 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 500

Number of visitors: 27,000

Exhibition introduction

INLEGMASH is a widely influential textile industry event focusing on equipment for all aspects of textile manufacturing from raw material processing to finished product packaging. The exhibition unites manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of light industrial equipment and products, providing an important platform for industry insiders to display new products, exchange new technologies, and test new products.

The exhibition not only covers the display of textile machinery and equipment, but also involves many fields such as clothing, fabrics, and accessories. The exhibition attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Various forums, seminars and other activities will also be held during the exhibition to provide industry insiders with opportunities to communicate and learn.

Range of exhibition

Textile pre-treatment equipment: fiber pre-treatment equipment, fiber cleaning, bleaching and dyeing equipment, spinning preparation equipment.

Spinning machinery: ring spinning machine, air-jet spinning machine, air-jet spinning machine, vortex spinning machine, new spinning technology and equipment.

Weaving machinery: shuttleless looms , knitting machines, jacquard machines, warp knitting machines, weaving preparation equipment.

Knitting machinery: circular weft machines, warp knitting machines, flat knitting machines, sock machines, and other knitting equipment.

Printing, dyeing and finishing equipment: dyeing machines, printing machines, dryers, finishing machines, coating equipment, embroidery machines, hot stamping machines, other printing, dyeing and finishing equipment.

Textile chemicals and dyes: dyes, auxiliaries, textile chemicals.

Clothing machinery: sewing machines, cutting machines, ironing machines, embroidery machines, clothing CAD/CAM systems.

Textile testing and quality control equipment: fiber testing equipment, yarn testing equipment, fabric testing equipment, garment testing equipment, quality control software and systems.

Textile accessories and auxiliary equipment: special motors for textile machinery, special bearings for textile machinery, special tools for textile machinery, transmission systems for textile machinery, lubrication systems for textile machinery, and other textile machinery accessories.

Textile machinery automation and information technology: textile machinery CNC systems, textile machinery automated production lines, textile machinery robots and intelligent systems, textile machinery ERP/MES and other management software.

Textile packaging and logistics equipment: textile packaging machinery, textile logistics equipment, textile warehousing equipment.

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