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2025 Outdoor & Gardening Show SPOGA&GAFA, Cologne, Germany
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2025 Outdoor & Gardening Show SPOGA&GAFA, Cologne, Germany

Exhibition time: June 22nd - June 24th, 2025

Exhibition Sector: Outdoor Products Garden,Horticulture

Venue: Cologne International Exhibition Center, Germany

Periodicity: once a year

Exhibition area: 23,000 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 1800

Visitors: 30,000 people

The Outdoor Goods & Gardening Fair (SPOGA&GAFA) in Cologne, Germany, is a prestigious professional trade fair. Since 1990, SPOGA&GAFA has been open to the general public. The exhibition area and the number of exhibitors are relatively evenly distributed among the three fields of sports, camping and garden supplies, attracting exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

Under the theme of "Outdoor, Leisure, Garden, Green," SPOGA&GAFA keeps pace with the times and raises awareness of the positive impact of the garden as a place to socialize. The show covers a wide range of outdoor furniture, accessories, gardening tools, barbecues and outdoor kitchens, etc. The 2023 edition attracted 1,853 exhibitors from 58 countries. They came from a variety of industry sectors, including garden centers, furniture trade, furniture retail centers, and industry professionals.

With the global emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development, green industry occupies an increasingly important position in SPOGA&GAFA. Exhibitors have been showcasing their eco-friendly products and sustainable production technologies. The show continues to promote technological innovation and product upgrading in the industry. By presenting the latest technological achievements and innovative products, exhibitors set the trend for the industry. sPoGA&GAFA provides exhibitors with the opportunity to expand into international markets. Through the exhibition, enterprises can understand the market demand and consumer preference in different countries and regions, and then formulate more accurate market strategies.

Scope of Exhibits

Garden life: garden furniture: including all kinds of outdoor leisure tables and chairs, sofas, deck chairs, etc. Decoration and equipment: all kinds of ornaments, lamps, sculptures, etc. for garden decoration. Sports and games: outdoor fitness equipment, children's amusement facilities, ball games, etc. Camping and leisure: camping tents, sleeping bags, folding chairs, picnic utensils, etc.

Garden & Care: Land protection: soil improvement materials, soil protection technology, etc. Plants & Flowers: various kinds of ornamental plants, flowers, seeds, fertilizers, etc. Biochemistry and Soil: Soil testing and analysis, bio-pesticides, organic fertilizers, etc. Machines & Accessories: gardening machinery, power tools, hand tools and their accessories. Horticultural equipment and sheds: greenhouse equipment, awnings, trellises, etc. Water & Lights: water feature equipment, fountains, pond supplies, outdoor lighting fixtures, etc.

Garden barbecue: barbecue equipment: all kinds of barbecue grills, grills, charcoal fire pans, etc. Outdoor Kitchen & Accessories: outdoor refrigerators, cabinets, cookware, tableware, etc. Outdoor Kitchen World: Showcasing complete outdoor cooking solutions.

Outdoor Clothing & Equipment: Hunting & Firearms category: all kinds of shotguns, shooting equipment, etc. (Please note that these products may be subject to specific laws and regulations). Outdoor photoelectric equipment category: flashlights, headlamps, camping lights, etc. Knives: multi-function knives, folding knives, etc. Hunting apparel: professional hunting apparel, protective equipment, etc. Outdoor supplies: backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, hiking shoes, etc. Shooting sports supplies: targets, shooting accessories, etc. Hunting supplies: traps, hunting aids, etc. Personal safety protection products: helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. Fishing gear products: fishing rods, fishing lines, bait, fishing nets, etc.

Other exhibits: garden decorations: flower seeds, dried flowers, artificial flowers, bonsai, etc. Gardening tools: lawn trimmers, pruning shears, shovels, etc. Water treatment and outdoor lighting: watering systems, water treatment equipment, outdoor lighting solutions, etc.

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