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Hometextile & Design Russia
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Hometextile & Design Russia

Hometextile & Design will be held on September 3-5, 2024 at the Crocus Exhibition Center in Moscow, with exhibits ranging from interior textiles, bedroom textiles, curtains and accessories, dining and kitchen textiles, bedding, window treatments and accessories, outdoor textiles, furniture fabrics and leather, bathroom textiles, and indoor shading textiles.

With the good situation of economic and trade exchanges between China and Russia, the Textile Trade Promotion Council of the Russian Home Textile Exhibition, this year will continue to organize nearly 100 outstanding domestic enterprises to jointly appear on the stage, appearing in the Crocus Exhibition Center in Moscow, "China Pavilion" exhibition area. The scope of the audience covers the former CIS countries, including Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, as well as Turkey, India and part of the European audience.

Make full use of the favorable conditions such as stable trade environment, optimized investment environment and facilitation measures in countries along the "Belt and Road", strengthen trade cooperation with Southeast Asia, Central Asia, West Asia and other countries, and explore emerging investment markets such as Africa and Central and Eastern Europe.

Combined with the upstream and downstream development level of the industry, facing the countries along the "Belt and Road", the important node cities and regions of the China-Europe liner, through the international exhibition platform to develop the Silk Road cross-border trade, and to build the textile industry "Belt and Road" international trade in new forms and new modes.

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