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Indonesia International Pet Expo 2024 IIPE
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Indonesia International Pet Expo 2024 IIPE

Exhibition time: September 6-8

Exhibition Area: 20,000 square meters

Venue: Tanggelang, Indonesia

Number of Exhibitors: 282

Periodicity: Once a year

Visitors: 59,741

Indonesia International Pet Expo IIPE, the largest, most complete and comprehensive pet show in Indonesia, is a great platform to explore the fast growing pet industry market in Indonesia. It has been held for 5 times since 2017 and 2024 is the 6th time.

IIPE2023 Indonesia was a big success with 4 halls and a total exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, 282 exhibitors and 59,741 visitors.2024 also had 4 halls, Hall 7-10.

IIPE Indonesia 2024 is a veritable complete showcase of the value chain from pet food and pet accessory manufacturers, to pet sitters for pet care, from veterinary medicine professionals to to retail stores. It will be a perfect opportunity to introduce new products and services in front of a targeted audience, get valuable feedback and generate immediate or post-show sales.IIPE is very supportive of international exhibitors and encourages international business exchanges.IIPE will provide exhibitors with a unique opportunity to build relationships, seek knowledge support, meet with the right business partners, and provide a more vibrant environment to encourage international trade exchanges.

Scope of Exhibits:

Pet food: pet feed, fish feed, cat and dog food, bird feed, animal vitamins and minerals, etc.; 

Pet Supplies: pet toys, dog chews, grooming and medical supplies.

Pet health care products and pet medical care: pet grooming supplies and facilities, pet medical care, pet packaging materials, decorations, pet-related gifts, pet magazines and related reading materials.

Dogs, cats and terrestrial animals: all kinds of reptiles and amphibious pets and their breeding equipment, breeding cages, exotic ornamental pets.

Aquarium pets and flower pool pets: aquatic feed, fish, water plants, decoration, feeding equipment, aquarium supplies and facilities.

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