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International Home Textile Show 2024 in Warsaw, Poland
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International Home Textile Show 2024 in Warsaw, Poland

Exhibition time: October 23-26, 2024

Exhibition Address: PTAK Warsaw Expo

Exhibition cycle: once a year

Exhibition Area: 13,500 square meters

Warsaw Home & Contract is the largest home furnishing exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe and the fourth largest in Europe, a four-day international business exhibition in the industry, with a total exhibition area of 135,000 square meters, which is divided into seven thematic exhibitions: Home Textile, Indoor Lighting, Sanitary Ware, Furniture, Household Electrical Appliances, Catering, Building and Decorative Materials.

Warsaw Home & Textile is one of the themes of the International Home & Textile Trade Fair series. In the last edition, the exhibition area reached 13,500 square meters, and the number of exhibitors and participating brands reached 665. The number of exhibitors and exhibiting brands reached 665. 75,000 visitors attended the show, attracting more than 25,000 professional buyers from neighboring countries and regions. In addition to well-known local Polish companies, the show also welcomed more than 300 world-renowned companies from Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and other countries.

Scope of Exhibits

Home Textiles Zone: Bedding fabrics, bedding fillers, bedding sets, mattresses, blankets, mattress covers, mattress protectors and liners, and other bedroom products; curtain fabrics and curtain accessories; sofa fabrics, leather fabrics, home décor fabrics, furniture leather, decorative cushions, tapestries, and other indoor textiles; toweling fabrics, shower curtains, bath mats and bath rugs, bath accessories, bathrobes, non-slip bath mats and other bathroom textiles Kitchen and dining room textiles such as dining cloths, table decorations, kitchen series textiles, etc.; carpets, flooring and furniture covering textiles; raw materials, yarns, fibers, chemicals, sub-industry products, fillers, pigments, etc.

Market prospect

Poland is one of the countries with more successful economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe, and has always been China's larger trading partner in Central and Eastern Europe since 2005, and is also the first Central and Eastern European country with China's trade volume exceeding 10 billion dollars.
Poland is a developed heavy industry, light industry is lagging behind. Currently, Poland is revitalizing its textile manufacturing industry, so industries related to light industry, such as home furnishing, clothing, textile are very popular in Poland. The textile industry plays an important role in the Polish economy. There are 46,000 companies in the garment processing industry, 90% of which are privately owned, with only 700 employing more than 50 people.
In addition, Poland is a major global furniture producer, with relatively low local labor costs and a large number of furniture subcontractors, and many international furniture brands have set up factories in Poland, which creates a huge demand for fabrics in the process of furniture processing. According to the data of Polish Statistical Office, the annual growth rate of textile and garment consumption in Poland is more than 5%. This indicates that the market for home textiles, including carpets and curtains, is also showing positive growth trends

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