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Exhibition time: September 27-29, 2024

Exhibition Sector: Pet Products

Venue: Seoul, Korea

Cycle: Once a year

MREFAIR was established in 2011 as a convention company that plans and organizes exhibitions in various industrial fields, and is certified by Seoul Metropolitan Government & Seoul Business Agency (SBA) as a competent convention company in Korea. Based on the concept of “B2B and B2C”, the company has diversified its business and created sales benefits through the innovation of the integrated operation model of industry and exhibition, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the development of the regional economy.

2024 MRE FAIR PET SHOW ASIA will be held in five countries and regions in Asia, with South Korea as the “first” station, and then landing in Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand, bringing together global pet industry manufacturers, high-quality brands, professional buyers, industry experts, and planning colorful concurrent activities, and focusing on creating a wider and deeper level of “pet show” in the field of “pet industry”. The event will bring together global pet industry manufacturers, high-quality brands, professional buyers and industry experts, and plan colorful concurrent activities to create a wider and deeper “it economy” industry event and share opportunities for cooperation and development.

MREFAIR Asia 2023 attracted 543 exhibitors from Korea and 60+ overseas companies, as well as 1,540 professional buyers (from 22 countries on six continents), of which 1 in 3 buyers were merchandise retailers, more than 25% were importers or distributors, and nearly 50% were manufacturers. 

Scope of exhibits:

1、Pet food: feed/snacks/nutrition/medicine, etc;
2、Pet supplies: grooming/bath/outdoor/play/education/training/sanitation/defecation/health management other than related supplies;
3、Furniture & equipment: sheds/cages/grooming tables/shelves/cat towers/hair dryers, etc;
4、Pet fashion: clothing/accessories/home decorations, etc;
5、Pet services: hospitals/education/healthcare/nursing/funeral/insurance/publishing/IT services, etc;
6、Others: association and group magazines.

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