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NILIT and Shenma join forces to reshape the new pattern of China's nylon 66 industry

NILIT and Shenma join forces to reshape the new pattern of China's nylon 66 industry

In recent years, with the steady growth of China's economy and the continuous expansion of domestic demand, the nylon 66 consumer yarn market has ushered in new opportunities for rapid development.

Recently, Nili NILIT announced a strategic cooperation with Shenma Industrial Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Pingmei Shenma Group, to jointly establish a joint venture. Nili NILIT has competitive and differentiated nylon 66 products, regardless of product performance or production technology It is influential in the global industry; Shenma's industrial structure spans the two major industries of chemical industry and chemical fiber, and it has considerable advantages in China's industrial nylon industry. This powerful alliance brings together the expertise, resources and networks of both parties in their respective fields. This move marks NILIT's strategic expansion in the Chinese market and further consolidates its cornerstone of serving global customers and brand development.

The signing ceremony of the joint venture was held on April 18. At the event, Shay Kastoriano, Senior Vice President of Asia and General Manager of Nili Group, and Wu Xiao, General Manager of Shenma Co., Ltd. signed the contract. 
Ilan Melamed, Global General Manager of NILIT, expressed the positive impact of this cooperation on end products, "We are very happy to establish a new joint venture with Shenma in China to introduce various new technologies and provide support for the local market. This cooperation Designed to produce premium specialty products of Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY), known for its excellent strength and smoothness, and Air Textured Yarn (ATY), known for providing softness to the textile market, guaranteeing quality and performance at an extremely low cost "Competitive. This cooperation will bring new opportunities for end products." 
The powerful alliance between NILIT and Shenma, this milestone moment not only represents NILIT's production capacity improvement and strategic expansion, but also consolidates NILIT's leadership position in the nylon 66 textile industry and opens a new era of acceleration.

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