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Pats Telford Pet Supplies Fair, Telford, UK
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Pats Telford Pet Supplies Fair, Telford, UK

Pats Telford is the largest and most influential pet show in the UK. Since its inception in 2009, it is the first professional pet exhibition in the UK. It can display the range of aquariums, cats and dogs, birds, pet food, pet toys, pet packaging supplies and so on.

Pats Telford pet supplies exhibition in the United Kingdom last exhibition area of 14,000 square meters, 283 exhibitors from China, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan, Poland, etc., the number of exhibitors reached 16,000 people.

Pats Telford Pet Supplies Show in Telford, UK is composed of wholesalers, exhibitors, pet grooming centers, and large estates from all over the world, and has developed into one of the most influential pet supplies exhibitions in the international arena.

Scope of Exhibits:

Aquatics, cats and dogs, reptiles and amphibious small animals, birds, flower pool pets, etc.

All kinds of pet food, toys, health care products, grooming and medical supplies, pet packaging supplies, pet books, magazines, gifts, etc.

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