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Pet Webbing For Pet Traction
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Pet Webbing For Pet Traction

With the improvement of the living standard of the population, the single population and the increase of the elderly population, pets have become an important means of emotional support and have gradually become an important member of the family. The “it” economy is becoming a blue ocean in the consumer market. According to the “2024 Global Trade Trend Analysis of Pet Industry” released by Alibaba International Trade Station, the global pet market will reach US$355.5 billion in 2023, a year-on-year growth of 6.9%, and is expected to reach US$500 billion in 2030.

Improvement in living standards has led to a gradual change in the pet consumption concepts of pet owners, “exquisite pet” is respected, driving pet food, pet supplies and other industries to intelligence, specialization, diversification, and even personalized, customized upgrade.

The pet supplies industry is an important part of the pet consumer industry Pet supplies upstream materials include textiles, rubber, metal, etc., of which textiles are widely used in a variety of pet supplies.

What is pet webbing?

Pet webbing refers to the webbing designed and used specifically for pets, which is mainly applied to pet traction control when traveling outdoors, and the main products include pet leashes, pet collars, pet chest and back straps and so on. The material is usually nylon, and can be jacquard, printing and dyeing according to the need to make it more fashionable and beautiful.

What is the size of the market?

The global webbing for pets market size continues to grow. According to the data, the number of buyers in the pet leash gear category is +31.3% year-on-year in terms of value, and the growth in business opportunities is +25.1% year-on-year, with popular items including collars, leashes, and chest and back singles/kits. Combining the data released by TMR and IMARC Group, the global webbing for pets market size is conservatively expected to reach USD 263 million by 2030, and optimistically expected to reach USD 334 million by 2030.

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