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2024 Intertextile, exploring the frontiers of sustainable textile initiatives

2024 Intertextile, exploring the frontiers of sustainable textile initiatives

At this year's intertextile Greater Bay Area Textile Accessories Exhibition, two exhibitors will set up display areas for Functional Sustainability by Intertextile x Idole and Eco Trends by Intertextile x Sateri in the international exhibition area of ​​Hall 1 to showcase their latest sustainable development initiatives.

Booth: 1R02 Yicai Fashion Co., Ltd.

Jointly develop triacetate fiber Soalon

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and IDOLE SEED join hands to bring to the market the exclusively developed triacetate fiber Soalon. This semi-synthetic fiber not only integrates the environmentally friendly advantages of plant-based materials made from natural raw materials, but also cleverly integrates chemical-based materials. Brings the excellent properties of synthetic fibers. At present, Soalon has won widespread praise in the global textile industry, not only because of its unique material properties, but also because of the environmental protection concepts and sustainable development values ​​it carries.

Triacetate Soalon has the advantages of Classic, Innovation, Sportswear, and Sustainability.
Its classic feature is that Soalon returns to the essence of clothing. Triacetate fiber derived from natural trees not only brings a long-lasting wearing experience, but also shows intrinsic value and unique charm.
Innovation is another highlight of Soalon. The superposition of patterns makes this fabric glow with sustainable vitality, and its smooth texture is even more amazing for the power of innovation.
At the same time, Soalon also shows extraordinary adaptability in the sports field. It gives the wearer a sense of freedom of movement. Sustainability is an indispensable and important feature of Soalon. It shows the various possibilities of plants, creates unique natural colors, gives fabrics new senses, and constantly upgrades environmental protection concepts.

Booth: 1X12 Sateri

Cross-linked fiber technology CL series is about to debut

As one of the world's leading cellulose fiber manufacturers, Sateri relies on the advantages of its own plantations to implement strict quality control on raw materials. The company is committed to providing a diversified and sustainable product portfolio to meet the diverse needs of different market sectors.
Sateri not only continues to increase investment in product research and development, but also focuses on the actual needs of the industry chain to create high-quality fiber products. Lyocell is one of its key strategic products. As a new generation of green technology fiber, Lyocell has injected new vitality into the textile market with its comfort and versatility.
At the upcoming Intertextile Greater Bay Area Textile Accessories Exhibition, Sateri will focus on showcasing its cross-linked fiber technology - CL series. This innovative product effectively reduces fabric fibrillation while exhibiting excellent dyeing performance and chemical resistance. The cross-linking effect of the fiber is maintained during subsequent dyeing and finishing processes, and the product does not contain formaldehyde, ensuring safety in use.

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