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2024 Intertextile! Shanghai in August!
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2024 Intertextile! Shanghai in August!

The 2023 intertextile Autumn and Winter Fabric Accessories Exhibition attracted more than 95,000 professional visitors from 117 countries and regions, highlighting the international nature of the Intertextile Autumn and Winter Fabric Accessories  Exhibition. By signing up to participate in both exhibitions, you can consolidate traditional markets, expand emerging markets, expand global customers, and enjoy global business resources driven by the cohesion of international brand flagship exhibitions.

All types of buyers gathered at the Autumn and Winter Fabric Accessories Exhibition, including not only professional buyer groups organized by domestic and foreign associations, chambers of commerce, and universities, but also many internationally renowned big-name buyers. The two exhibitions will also invite cross-border e-commerce platforms to start joint docking and theme sharing based on different positionings. The 2024intertextile Autumn and Winter Fabric Accessories Exhibition will also continue to launch a series of high-end business activities such as the "Super Buyer Visiting Group" and the "Thousand-Person Group Visiting Plan" to bring together all types of buyers and provide new and old exhibitors with top-notch information at home and abroad. An excellent platform for direct dialogue and cooperation between brands and cross-border e-commerce.
In order to better promote the implementation of business cooperation between exhibitors and buyers, in recent years, intertextile Greater Bay Area Noodles and Accessories Exhibition and Autumn and Winter Fabric Accessories Exhibition have launched more than a thousand sets of "one-to-one" business matching activities. At the 2024 intertextile Autumn and Winter Fabric Accessories Exhibition, multiple themed business matching activities guided by consumer trends will also meet with exhibitors to lock in the needs of both exhibitors and buyers in advance.
Segmenting exhibition areas by specialization has always been a major feature of Intertextile. Exhibiting companies can quickly locate exhibition areas based on products and end uses, and professional visitors can also quickly locate suppliers based on divisions to achieve efficient and time-saving exhibition visits. At the same time, the special exhibition area presents creative new products from high-quality exhibitors, helping exhibitors to capture global industry trends, trends, and technological innovations in one exhibition.

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