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5 Inspirations To Make Your Restaurant Decor More Interesting
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5 Inspirations To Make Your Restaurant Decor More Interesting

The restaurant is the soul of a home. It presents the plainness and warmth of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, reflecting the myriad flavors of life, and contains everything in the world within a small space.

It is a warm place for family reunions and a place for friends to talk and laugh.

For such an important space, how can we decorate it to make it more interesting? Here are 5 kinds of decoration inspiration, learn it quickly!


1. Wood tone

The tone of solid wood can always give people a simple, natural and comfortable feeling. Logs + blank space seem to have a magical power that can absorb all the fatigue and stress from the body, making people feel refreshed, comfortable and relaxed.

The beams, chandeliers, fruit plates, and dining tables are all connected in the same color tone. The simple carpet with black and white texture echoes the color of the entire restaurant space. The entire space gives people a sense of elegance and tranquility.


2. Echoing black and white

Black and white is a simple and classic combination. If the space is dominated by these two colors, it will give people a cool and capable feeling. If you want the black and white combination to create more styles, you might as well add other style elements for collision.

The space not only echoes black and white, but also adds some wood tones to neutralize the coldness of black and white, making the entire restaurant reflect the simplicity and comfort of Nordic style.


3. Add some color

If you think the black and white wood color is too plain and elegant, you might as well add some color. It doesn’t matter how many colors there are, as long as it can be the finishing touch, it can make the entire restaurant unique.

Since the tablecloth has a large area, the color of the tablecloth can also have a good decorative effect. For example, the picture above uses a grass green plaid tablecloth, paired with placemats and floral arrangements, to make the entire restaurant sparkle.


4. Get a booth

If you want your restaurant to be unique, a booth is also a good choice. Not only is it comfortable to sit, but it can also accommodate more people, making it perfect for gatherings with friends.

The brown booth cushions echo the wood-colored tables and chairs, and the colors are harmoniously matched. The long card holder can also be used as a good storage space. It is practical and beautiful, killing two birds with one stone.


5. Pair it with fabrics

The soft texture and ever-changing patterns of fabric can make the restaurant more warm and comfortable, and are very suitable for creating a heart-warming country style.

The goose-yellow tablecloth, pink and red plaid pillows, and light-colored decorative pennants make the entire restaurant look like a reserved girl, exuding a fresh and refined temperament.


Restaurants can relieve us of fatigue, feed our bellies with food, and nourish our souls with love. May we all feel the changes of the four seasons from a meal and a vegetable, and feel the warmth of home from every gathering.



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