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5 Party Theme Ideas For Your Next Celebration
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5 Party Theme Ideas For Your Next Celebration

Party themes are a great way to energize a celebration. With stunning decorations and drapes, props and lighting, any venue and any location can be transformed. If you're planning a milestone celebration, check out the inspiration below.

1. Black and White Ball Theme

Black and white satin and tulle fabric curtains with black and white feather masks, white Roman columns, black and white glitter stars, trees, chandeliers and black and white feather rings. Black and white prom parties can be used for a variety of occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas parties or corporate events. The monochromatic color scheme creates a chic and timeless atmosphere, making it a popular choice for stylish events.

2. Bollywood theme

Fabric curtains in bright pink, orange gold and red colors, sari, gazebo with drape, palm tree, palm fan, palm leaves, garland, Bollywood logo, Taj Mahal view, pot of gold and beads, elephant and reed screen.

3. Alice in Wonderland Theme

Classic story theme, wrapped in red, blue and white tablecloths, big rose tree, mad hatter, glittery sign, jam tarts, playing cards, giant mushrooms, big clock and chain, candy and cake, Alice silhouette, giant red shoe seat.

4. 70's Disco, 80's Retro or 90's Pop Themes

Everyone loves a dress-up party, so why not have everyone dress up in 1980s fashion or as their favorite movie star or celebrity of the decade? You can have your event management team put together an '80s-inspired playlist, as well as some brightly colored non-alcoholic cocktails for your guests to drink while dancing the night away to cheesy pop music!

5. Casino and Las Vegas theme

Red and gold drapes: giant playing cards, dice, big shiny dollar signs and dollar bills, casino signs, cacti and palm trees. There's so much decorating inspiration here, from slot machines to chips and dollar signs, and masquerade opportunities.

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