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5 Things You Can Do on Canada Day
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5 Things You Can Do on Canada Day

With Canada Day coming up on July 1, it's a great opportunity to catch up with family and friends, enjoy the beautiful weather and show off your Canadian pride.

1. Participation in the Canada Day parade

You can't really celebrate Canada Day without participating in or watching the Canada Day Parade. Whether you live in a big city or a small town, many communities host local parades with floats, music and marching bands to make the celebration exciting.

2. Decorate a room with a Canadian theme

Decorate your party room with a Canadian flair! This is the perfect opportunity to use your imagination with holiday decorations. Host a Canadian-themed party that highlights Canada's history, culture and more.

3. Arranging outdoor adventures

If you're looking to do something a little more daring on Canada Day, why not schedule an outdoor adventure? It's a fun way to spend a great day with family and friends, and you can choose from a variety of activities such as kayaking or camping. Whatever activity you choose, make sure that everyone in your group will enjoy it.

4. Organize a Canadian film marathon

Another even better way to celebrate Canada Day is to watch a Canadian movie marathon. From comedies like Strange Brew to award-winning films like Good Cop Bad Cop, there are a number of iconic movies made by Canadian filmmakers to choose from.

5. End the night with a fireworks display

If you want to go all out and make your Canada Day party truly lively, then a fireworks display is the way to go. Whether you opt for a professional show or purchase your own fireworks, the night's festivities will end in style.

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