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5 Ways to Use Draperies at Your Wedding
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5 Ways to Use Draperies at Your Wedding

When it comes to adding personality to your wedding decor, nothing beats fabric curtains. With a little skill and high-quality materials, decorating your wedding ceremony or reception venue can create a more sophisticated look.

1. Decorate venue walls

By covering the walls of your wedding venue with fabric, you can soften rough edges, hide unsightly imperfections, and make a plain or industrial space look more elegant.

2. Divide a large space

Is your wedding venue spacious and open? You can use floor-to-ceiling curtains to divide your venue into smaller spaces, making it feel warmer and more intimate.

3. Create background

Using draped fabric to create a backdrop is a great way to further enhance your wedding decor and cover up areas of your venue that you don’t want your guests to see.

4. Upgrade your wedding arch

A wedding arch is a visual focal point and should be decorated as such. Use draped fabric to upgrade a plain or rustic arch and add flowers, ribbons, and more to make it even more beautiful.

5. Interwoven ceiling curtains

A modern style for wedding ceiling decorations is to have long, flowing ceiling decorations intertwined with each other. This is an elegant decoration that your guests will love.

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