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Creative Layout Inspiration For Square And Round Dining Tables

Creative Layout Inspiration For Square And Round Dining Tables

Dining tables are generally divided into square and round. With the same width, a square dining table has a larger tabletop area and can hold more items, such as many dishes or office items. As for the round dining table, since the distance is the same, everyone can eat or communicate more equally and harmoniously.

Whether it is a square table or a round table, you can choose according to your preferences and the space layout and size of your home.


1. Square dining table

The rectangular wooden dining table is wide and thick, giving people a sense of calmness and weight. Paired with two benches of the same material, it adds a warm and natural feeling to the modern style created by clean white walls and spacious floor-to-ceiling windows. 

The long wooden square table is paired with the simple Y chair and booth sofa, which is simple and casual. The classic pink plaid tablecloth and fresh green plant decorative paintings make this original rustic country restaurant more warm and charming.

Lush green plants, fresh floral arrangements, rattan armchairs, rustic benches, and blue and green linen fabrics are the inspiration elements for creating an early spring dining table.


2. Round dining table

The dining table and chairs with white as the main color give people a clean, refreshing, peaceful and harmonious feeling. If you want a simple style, why not make use of arc-shaped decorations? Round wall clocks, spherical glass vases, and curved stools are all good choices.

Compared with the white dining tables and chairs, the black furniture is more calm. The clearly visible wood grain on the tabletop is a texture that can be touched with your hands. In order to make the entire dining space more lively, you can use different seats and some graphic elements and green plants to embellish it.

It's very nice to use a small corner next to the kitchen and place a small dining table to create a casual dining area. White and wood-colored armchairs, a simple floral tablecloth, and retro decorative paintings create a fresh and elegant French country style.

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