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Minimalist Classic Wedding Color Inspiration

Minimalist Classic Wedding Color Inspiration

Check out the minimalist color trend that’s popular right now!

1. Fritillary white

The elegant white mother-of-pearl gives people a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Applying this color to weddings will make the wedding scene more elegant. Even without a large number of flowers to decorate, it can still be full of romantic feeling.
Extremely simple, timeless and classic. The holiness and etherealness of white meet the cleanliness and purity of gray; light gray tones permeate the extremely simple white, incorporating the concept of Less is more.

2. Olive green

Green has always been one of the most popular basic colors for weddings, and olive green with its soft undertones is well-deserved. Apply olive green to weddings and match it with white tablecloth, which is fresh and elegant.
The vibrant green color can always bring vitality to the wedding. Overlapping green colors from light to dark is also a good choice. The selection of flowers is also very rich, and you can also choose utensils and props from daily life to match.


3. Sakura powder

For brides who like Japanese simple style, if the wedding date is during the cherry blossom season in April, it is better to have a cherry blossom pink wedding that suits the occasion. The light pink is restrained, gentle, quiet and sweet. The cherry blossoms are falling, and it’s beautiful in an instant.
The low-key and sultry cherry blossom pink is gentle and elegant, beautiful but not mediocre. Brides who like fresh and unique style can consider this color~ The romantic cherry blossom pink collides with the fresh and natural green lawn, bringing with it a gentle temperament and a natural look. Made in heaven.


4. Minimalist gray

Minimalism, it is a kind of careful and subtle attention, based on the appreciation ability of high-level aesthetics. Clean and pure gray is used as the base tone, with partial embellishments of white, silver or black to form a visual focus. The details avoid complexity and enhance the expressiveness of the wedding through design and texture.
The noble gray tone can give it various definitions, romance, mystery, elegance... It will never go out of style, and I believe it will also bring a different feeling to the wedding. It can be matched with white and silver table runner, and it has a unique temperament. Whether it is elegant or high-end, it can be easily held.


5. Caramel colour

Caramel color is a relatively subtle color. In addition to its own romantic temperament, its biggest feature when used in weddings is that it is easy to match with other colors. Caramel color is also a relatively retro color, which is very suitable as a theme for autumn weddings. Color, a scene full of autumn.
Although dark colors are not suitable as the main color for weddings, they are also quite good for small-scale embellishments or as wedding favors. Two different shades of coffee tones create a simple and beautiful aesthetic with many overlapping lights and shadows.


6. Porcelain blue

Comfortable and quiet, if there is something but nothing. When holding a wedding in summer, the blue tone looks refreshing and open. A single blue is too calm. Add some white, beige or pink-orange to balance the single feeling of cold colors, making it more refined and full of style.
There are few natural blue flowers, and some blue flowers are relatively expensive. You can choose a small amount and match them with some blue-themed elements, such as blue cards, ribbons, tablecloths, and blue candles, etc., which are all very good. choose.

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