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Super Practical Pillow Matching Tips

Super Practical Pillow Matching Tips

Throw pillow is a practical home decoration item. Through clever matching, pillows can not only instantly brighten the color of the space and increase comfort, but also show your unique personality and taste.

So, what are the tips for matching pillows? Check out the inspiration below.


PART 01 Pay attention to color matching

1. Unify color

The most common and easiest matching method is to unify the color of the pillows.

2. Add some neutral colors

If you feel that only one color is too monotonous, add some neutral colors to blend. This method is less error-prone and can make the visual effect more layered.

3. Mix and match colors

Mixing and matching pillows of different colors can brighten the color of the space, become the visual focus, and inject infinite vitality and interest into the space decoration.


PART 02 Pay attention to pattern matching

In addition to color, the pattern of pillows can also affect the visual experience and atmosphere of the space. Different patterns can produce different decorative effects.

For example, black and white striped pillows, paired with striped fabrics of different colors, make the entire living room fashionable and dynamic.

Striped pillows and floral pillows, combined with soft colors, give the entire living room a romantic and warm atmosphere of pastoral style.

Geometric pillows paired with solid color pillows of different shapes create a simple and balanced visual effect, suitable for creating a modern or Nordic style.


PART 03 Pay attention to material selection

Pillows are made of a variety of materials. Different materials have unique decorative effects and can bring different tactile and visual experiences to the space.

Cotton pillow, the fabric is soft and breathable, giving people a natural and comfortable feeling. This type of pillow can create a simple and relaxing home atmosphere.

Linen fiber pillows have good air permeability and moisture absorption, and can also give people a refreshing and natural feeling, making them very suitable for summer decoration.

The velvet pillow feels soft and delicate, and the surface texture is clear and textured. It is suitable for creating a light and luxurious home atmosphere.

Pillows are not only the finishing touch of home decoration, but also a good home item that improves the comfort of life. With clever matching, small pillows can instantly brighten up home life and add warmth and personality to the home.

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