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Why Is Tencel So Popular?

Why Is Tencel So Popular?

Tencel is a pure natural regenerated cellulose fiber, a brand-new fiber produced by solvent spinning method using wood pulp as raw material. Natural fibers can be completely decomposed in the soil and do not pollute the environment. In addition, the solvents used in production are harmless to the human body, can be almost completely recycled, and can be used repeatedly. It causes very little pollution during the production process, the solvents used are non-toxic and the recovery rate reaches 99.9%, so it is called the "green fiber of the 21st century".

Tencel fiber feels smooth, has high drape and good elegance. It has the comfort and hygroscopicity of cotton, the feel and good drape of silk, the thickness of wool, and the strength of polyester fiber. It is extremely tough whether in dry or wet state.

Soft comfort. There is a soft fiber structure on the surface of Tencel fiber, so it is smoother and more comfortable than cotton. It will not cause harm to the skin when it comes into contact with the skin. It does not contain harmful chemicals, making it particularly skin-friendly. It is called "Plant Cashmere".

Moisture wicking and breathable. Because Tencel is a pure natural regenerated cellulose fiber, its moisture absorption and breathability are particularly good. It can absorb sweat and steam emitted by the human skin in a timely manner, and can be transmitted to the other side of the fabric through the fiber, so when it contacts the skin, it makes people feel comfortable. It feels soft and not stiff.

Antibacterial properties. The hydrophilic properties and soft surface of natural fiber can maintain a clean and dry environment, making it difficult for bacteria to grow on its surface, thus inhibiting the generation of bacteria and mold and achieving health care effects.

When choosing fabrics for home textile products, attention should be paid to antibacterial, comfortable and breathable fabrics. Tencel fabrics are much more breathable than cotton. Tencel can quickly absorb moisture and transfer it to the air immediately to ensure a dry quilt. Very good for health. At the same time, Tencel is made from natural wood and has a strong deodorizing and adsorbing function. In addition to being widely used in bedding, Tencel fabric is now also used as terry fabrics such as towels and blankets. It has good hygroscopicity and hand feel.

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