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Did You Have Any Difficulty In Cleaning The Blanket?

Did You Have Any Difficulty In Cleaning The Blanket?

When winter comes, the utilization rate of blankets is very high. After all, blankets are warm and light, so they can be covered on the sofa and spread on the bed. There are still many ways to use them. So the question is, how do we clean them after we use them? Let's talk about this topic together today.

Presumably, some people will say, put it in the washing machine and wash it. How labor-saving it is!

Generally speaking, blankets are very absorbent. If they are put into the washing machine for cleaning, they will quickly absorb water and become heavier, which will increase the burden on the washing machine. Using the dehydration function of the washing machine will also deform the blankets, which is not worthwhile. To confirm whether your blanket is suitable for putting into the washing machine, it is recommended to look at the washing label on the blanket before making a decision.


1. Blanket composition classification

Blankets on the market can be roughly divided into: pure wool blankets, blended blankets and chemical fiber blankets. Pure wool blanket is made of wool, blended blanket contains 30%-50% viscose fiber, and recycled wool is added to reduce the cost. Chemical fiber blanket contains more acrylic fiber and has beautiful color.


2. How to clean the blanket?

How to wash the pure wool blanket? I suggest you choose to wash it by hand or take it to the dry cleaner. If you choose hand washing, please refer to the following steps:

1, first soak in cold water for a while, and fully soak the blanket;

2. Pick up the blanket, squeeze out the water, and then apply soap and gently rub it. Don't use too much force and be careful of deformation;

3, after cleaning, roll up the blanket, gently press, discharge water;

4, dry in the shade, set up with two bamboo poles in parallel, can not be directly exposed to the sun, otherwise it will make the blanket hard, deformed, and easy to lose hair.

Adding a few drops of vinegar to the washed water can effectively prevent the blanket from getting old.


How about cleaning the chemical fiber blanket like this?

Generally, this kind of blanket can be washed by washing machine, but it can't be dried. After washing, take it out and wring it out by hand, and also put it in the shade to dry. Add a little white vinegar to make the blanket smoother and less prone to lint.


3. Daily care of blankets

Remove the dust from the blanket, shake it gently and pat it. If it is not dirty, there is no need to wash it with water.

If you spill a drink on it, gently wipe it with a towel with strong water absorption and warm water. If it is stained with oil, first gently wipe it with a mild detergent with weak alkalinity, and then wipe it clean with a towel dipped in warm water.

If you use a washing machine, you need to set it to a gentle setting and add a mild detergent to clean it.



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