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2024 Russia International Home Furnishing All-Category Consumer Goods Expo MosHome
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2024 Russia International Home Furnishing All-Category Consumer Goods Expo MosHome

Exhibition overview

Exhibition time: April 2-5, 2024

Organizer: British ITE Exhibition Group

Exhibition location: Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia


Exhibition introduction

The Russian International Home Furnishing All-Category Consumer Goods Expo is an international exhibition held once a year for daily consumer goods, home decoration and hardware products. Exhibition area: 100,000 square meters, exhibition audience: 80,000 people, number of exhibitors and participating brands reached 720. MosHome takes you directly to the Russian, CIS and Eastern European markets, providing a professional international trade platform for global companies to enter the market of Russia and its surrounding countries. Here exhibitors can display new products, new technologies, promote brands, and establish business with buyers. Cooperate and learn about the latest information in the industry.

Review of last session

In 2023, more than 200 Chinese exhibitors at MosHome gained the opportunity to expand in the Russian and CIS markets, attracting 21,857 professional visitors and sharing MosBuild's 80,696 professional visitors during the same period. From 2020 to 2022, despite the impact of the epidemic, the Russian International Household Products Expo will still be carried out normally, attracting an average of more than 10,000 professional buyers from all over the world to purchase at the site every year. The buyers are mainly from Russia and Eastern European countries. Russia and Eastern Europe have the largest families. Supplies importers and wholesalers, such as Mega, Metro, Auchan, 7cont, Perekrestok, etc., all come to purchase.

Target audience

Retail chains and DIY stores
Wholesalers and Distributors
Market Wholesalers and Retailers
Designers and decorators etc...

Range of exhibition

Home decoration: storage products, small furniture, home decorations, lamps, home textiles and lighting, etc.

Daily kitchen supplies: kitchen supplies, glass ceramics, table accessories, kitchen and table fabrics and textiles, cleaning supplies and utensils, household utensils, plastic products, etc.

Household appliances: TVs, washing machines, dryers, electric fans, air conditioners, heaters, humidifiers, heaters, vacuum cleaners, electric heaters, electric irons, water heaters, electric kettles, coffee machines and other small household appliances and massage, health care, personal Nursing appliances, etc.

Home textiles: blankets, towels, carpets, curtains, bathroom curtains, pillows, bedding, table textiles, etc.
Gifts and festivals: other festive decorations during the Christmas season, Christmas lighting, gifts and gift packaging, etc.

Consumer electronics: smart home, new smart locks, smart new retail, smart home appliances, smart sockets, smart switches, smart air purifiers, smart electronic toys, aerial drones, smart peripherals, mobile phone peripherals, naked-eye 3D, consumer electronics Products, etc.; digital health technology: smart hardware, wearable devices, electric toothbrushes, smart medical care, digital entertainment, virtual reality, augmented reality and robots, etc.; service robots: educational robots, service robots, home robots, robot accessories, technology and Service service robot core technology, etc.
Baby toys: wooden toys, plush toys, educational toys, strollers, scooters, daily necessities for babies and children, etc.;

Pet supplies: pet toys, pet food, pet packaging, pet cages, beauty and medical supplies, etc.;

Outdoor garden: garden tools, hardware tools, garden decorations, camping supplies, picnic supplies, iron art and garden furniture, etc.;

Sports and fitness: sporting goods, outdoor sports goods, snow sports and equipment, fitness equipment and accessories, sportswear, etc.

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