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A Legacy of 25 Years to BETTER Life
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A Legacy of 25 Years to BETTER Life

Pakistan ranks fifth globally in cotton production, ensuring a robust supply chain and competitive manufacturing with ample raw materials. YTML, part of the esteemed Yunus Brothers Group (YBG), represents sustainability in Pakistan’s textile industry. Since 1998, YTML has upheld a 25-year legacy as a leading global textile entity committed to sustainable progress.

Originating from YBG’s Fabric Trading Business in 1962, the group’s influence spans Textiles, Cement, Construction, Real Estate, Energy, Health, and Automobiles, shaping Pakistan’s business landscape.

YTML, introduced in 1998, fortified the group’s textile prowess, becoming a distinguished global player serving prestigious brands worldwide.

In 2021, YTML adopted the vision of “Textiles for a BETTER life,” emphasizing integrity, innovation, and inclusivity. Guided by values like Trust, Respect, Customer Centricity, Compassion, Ethics, and Teamwork, the company offers a vast range of textile products to top global retailers. This diverse product line includes sheet sets, comforters, duvet sets, coverlets, and curtains. With a foundation in customer trust, YTML continuously invests in manufacturing capabilities and talent through global design teams in the U.K., Europe, and the U.S.A.

This commitment is evident through initiatives in renewable energy, including solar installations, wind farms, and BIO Mass projects. Currently, solar energy contributes to 15% of total power usage and they aim to convert over 50% of steam generation to BIO Mass by June 2024.

Commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, encompassing De-carbonization Goals, Water Stewardship, Responsible Sourcing, and Climate Resilience.

Water conservation efforts, with an efficient effluent treatment plant, recycling, and reuse help save a significant amount of water daily.

Beyond sustainability efforts, YTML prioritizes community support. Partnership with The Citizens Foundation, sponsoring 9 campuses, educating 10,000+ children in over 17 years.

Recognized in Male Champions of Change (MCC), it focuses on female employment, women in leadership, fair trade, flexible hours, and community programs, leaving no one behind.

YTML’s holistic sustainability approach, spanning environmental stewardship, social responsibility, educational advancement, and economic growth, positions it as an exemplary partner for international companies seeking ethical, sustainable, and quality-driven sourcing solutions from Pakistan.


Article sourse:https://www.hometextilestoday.com/

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