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Accelerating Circularity Kicks Into A Higher Gear With New Walmart Grant In Hand

Accelerating Circularity Kicks Into A Higher Gear With New Walmart Grant In Hand

New York – Accelerating Circularity, the Walmart Foundation-supported NGO, is launching the next phase of its work.

The new Building Circular Systems (BCS) phase seeks to expand circular textile-to-textile systems in the U.S. and Europe, building on previous initiatives to develop feedstock streams. During its initial textile-to-textile recycling project in the U.S., the non-profit organization recycled 23 tons of post-consumer cotton and 100% post-industrial cotton.

There are 3 main workstreams for the BCS phase:–  Building Markets through expanded trials in both the United States and European Union.–  Creating the Textile Hierarchy Tool that outlines pathways for used textiles to maximize resource savings and reduce environmental impacts.–  Educating and providing access to information and available tools on circular textile-to-textile systems.

Accelerating Circularity will host a webinar on Feb. 29 at 10 a.m. ET to review the latest developments. Registration is free.

“This milestone marks a major step forward in ACP’s efforts to build commercial circular textile-to-textile systems, provide industry tools and deliver on education and knowledge allowing companies to transfer learnings to their sourcing strategies,” said Karla Magruder, founder, and president of Accelerating Circularity.

Members of the U.S. steering committee include Target, Gap Inc., Eastman, Lenzing, Milliken, Renewcell and Unifi along with Nike, VF Corp., Geotex, Gr3n and Bank & Vogue.


Article sourse: https://www.hometextilestoday.com/

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