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Canton Fair Catering Services Newly Upgraded
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Canton Fair Catering Services Newly Upgraded

The 135th Canton Fair will be held in three phases from April 15 to May 5. The catering service of the Canton Fair has been completely upgraded. Come and see what new highlights there are.

New dining area

The dining area of ​​the Comprehensive Service Center in Area D of the exhibition hall was newly unveiled. The environment is spacious and comfortable, and the categories are rich and diverse. Chinese, Western, and halal catering are all available. Welcome to dine!

Location: West Comprehensive Service Center on the first floor of Hall 17

New activity

The Canton Fair Music and Food Festival has been upgraded wonderfully. The Canton Fair Food Street is launched for the first time, offering a variety of Cantonese specialty snacks and souvenirs, allowing you to immerse yourself in Cantonese food culture. Taotaoju, Guangzhou Restaurant, Xinbaotang...many brand restaurants are waiting for you!

Location: Area A Atrium Garden Food Court

New Experience

A 24-hour fully automatic coffee machine has been added to the fourth area of ​​the exhibition hall. We supply a variety of freshly ground coffee, milk tea, and fruit drinks, with customized flavors and fully enclosed automatic production, which is safe and hygienic. A cup of fragrant drink can be produced in 40-60 seconds, you can drink it whenever and wherever you want!

Location: Pearl River Promenade in Areas A, B, and D of the exhibition hall; Platform on the second floor of Area C
The coffee cart is here!

McDonald's McCafe coffee cart makes surprise appearance, and you will receive a free wheat fan with your first purchase (while supplies last)

Location: East side of the north gate of the exhibition hall, Hall 20.1, Area D of the exhibition hall

Location: Next to Hall 12.1, Area B of the exhibition hall
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