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CINTE24 Audience Pre-Registration Channel Opens
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CINTE24 Audience Pre-Registration Channel Opens

The visitor pre-registration channel for The 17 China International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens (CINTE24) is officially opened!

The scale of this exhibition is unprecedented, with a total exhibition area of ​​40,000 square meters, gathering 3 major exhibition halls and 7 major theme exhibition areas. It is expected to attract more than 500 domestic and foreign high-quality exhibitors and nearly 20,000 professional visitors. During the exhibition, more than 20 professional activities will be held, covering industry forums, technical seminars, new product launches and other diverse contents to provide in-depth analysis of industry trends and share cutting-edge technology and innovation results.

Diverse exhibition areas, gathering top companies

CINTE24 continues to support the development of the technical textiles and nonwovens industry. The exhibition is divided into three major exhibition halls: overseas exhibition groups and engineering fabrics, nonwoven fabrics and products, and advanced technology textiles. It has overseas exhibition areas, filtration separation and geotechnical construction exhibition areas, medical and health exhibition areas, sails and composite materials exhibition areas, and safety protection textiles. and seven major exhibition areas including the rope net exhibition area, innovation corridor and conference area.

Various exhibits, responsive to needs

CINTE24 will comprehensively display the latest achievements and cutting-edge technologies, displaying agricultural textiles, transportation textiles, medical and health textiles, safety protection textiles and other categories, involving medical and health, geotechnical construction, safety protection, transportation, environmental protection, etc. Numerous application areas. Buyers with different needs can find their favorite products, and they can also "browse" special products in other fields.

Accurate matching, efficient and worry-free

This exhibition will continue to provide "business matching" services to build a bridge between buyers and sellers, accurately match, improve procurement efficiency, and promote business cooperation. CINTE24 welcomes groups from large-scale enterprise groups, business associations, clusters, universities, research institutes, etc. to visit the exhibition, focus on industry development on-site, and reach purchase and sale intentions.

Rich activities and collision of wisdom

During the exhibition, more than 10 conferences and forums, including the China International Nonwovens Conference, as well as innovative exhibit selection activities, release and docking exchange activities will be held. Industry experts gather together and activities are held. While watching the exhibition, you can learn about the latest developments and trends in the industry in one stop, and have ideological collisions with experts and scholars.

We look forward to your arrival and witness the glory and innovation of the industrial textiles and nonwovens industry!

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