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On March 18, PERFORMANCE DAYS was successfully held! A jury composed of outdoor/sports/leisure brand experts from different fields reviewed the 550 innovative fabrics submitted this time.

There are two awards in this review, namely the Best Fabric Award based on the selection criteria of combining new technologies/new material applications, functionality combined with fashion trends, fabric design, color and other dimensions; and the Best Fabric Award based on the selection criteria of environmentally friendly concepts and environmentally friendly materials. and the Best Sustainable Application Award for Green Production Application Technology.
After many hours of intense discussion by the jury, the winning products of this functional fabric review are now officially announced!


Best Fabric Award

Company name: Zhejiang Shanggu Textile Co., Ltd. (Booth number: B06)

Product name: Quantum ultra-light 3L wind shell

Fabric type: 2.5-3 layers

Composition: 100% nylon

Functionality: printable, windproof, velvet-proof, waterproof and breathable, wear-resistant, special protection

Comments: Ultra-lightweight 3L composite fabric, 7D nylon Ripstop fabric (Rudolph C0 fluorine-free and water-repellent) + PU transparent film + 7D nylon Cote three-layer composite, the finished product weighs only 61gsm. Although this fabric is light and thin, it still has excellent functional performance and has functional requirements such as waterproof, breathable, and windproof. The use of Rudolph's environmentally friendly CO finishing technology makes the product more environmentally friendly and durable, ensuring that wearers can enjoy ultimate comfort and dryness in various climate conditions. This fabric is lightweight, functional and environmentally friendly, and is suitable for lightweight jackets or wind shells.

Best Sustainable Application Award

Company name: Jiangsu Sanfeng Special Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth number: C07)

Product name: Nano66

Fabric type: 2.5-3 layers

Composition: 100% recycled nylon 66

Functionality: windproof, velvet-proof, waterproof and breathable
Comments: This fabric adheres to the sustainable and environmentally friendly design concept and serves the earth and people who love sports by using 100% regenerated nylon fiber. The fabric uses high-performance and environmentally friendly nylon 66 yarn. This ultra-fine nylon 66 yarn gives the fabric unparalleled ultra-softness and ultra-durability, while bringing a dry touch like cotton. Combined with automatic air-adjusting membrane technology, it brings the best dryness and comfort experience after exercise. It is suitable for jackets, jackets, and down jackets.
All the above award-winning fabrics will be on site TREND FORUM Fabric Trend Zone Exhibition.

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