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Heimtextil 2024 Highlights Review
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Heimtextil 2024 Highlights Review

The 2024 Frankfurt International Home and Commercial Textiles Exhibition Heimtextil came to a successful conclusion on January 12, 2024. Official data shows that the exhibition area of ​​this exhibition exceeds 280,000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors has increased by 25% compared to the previous one. The number of Chinese exhibitors is 918, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 17,000 square meters. Attracting 46,000 visitors from 130 countries to the exhibition.

So what trends will inspire us at this year's Heimtextil 2024? Let's review the wonderful moments together!


1. New exhibition hall "Carpet and Rug Hall"

Starting from this year, carpet products will be included in the exhibition area for unified display. This year it brings together more than 100 global suppliers from more than ten countries, covering handmade and machine-woven carpets, vacuum carpets, as well as blankets and throw rugs. Attracting major international wholesalers, professional retailers and consumer goods markets.

2. Asia Excellence Hall/Asia Boutique Hall

At Heimtextil 2024, home textiles and home textiles are on display in the "Asia Excellence Pavilion" and the "Asia Boutique Pavilion". All high-quality manufacturers in the "Asia Hall of Excellence" are strictly selected by an independent expert jury. The review includes many aspects such as production technology, color concepts, booth construction, product quality and materials used. The top four participating countries in the "Asia Excellence Pavilion" and "Asia Boutique Pavilion" are China, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Here, a wide range of great Asian brands offer flexible quantity options and consistently excellent quality.


3. The number and scale of Chinese exhibitors hit a new high

Exhibitors from the Chinese pavilion are distributed in 14 exhibition halls. In addition to displaying in the expanded Asian pavilion, this year there are also 57 Chinese exhibitors stationed in the European pavilion and other special product exhibition areas. Chinese companies entering the European Pavilion are basically independent brands. With mid-to-high-end product quality and specialized products, they will exhibit together with companies from outside Asia through certain screening criteria, achieving an overall display of the global industrial chain on the same stage.


4. Econogy: Integrating sustainable design standards and starting again

Heimtextil 2024 launched the "Econology" standard system, which aims to standardize and integrate the sustainability evaluation systems of all textile exhibitions under Frankfurt Messe Group, creating transparent and unified standards for energy-saving and emission-reducing products and exhibitors in different exhibitions. system to clarify the overall link between economy and ecology.


5. Home textile fashion trends in 2024/2025

Under the theme of "New Sensitivity", the 2024/2025 Heimtextil home textile trend area focuses on the transformation trend of the textile industry through three ways to achieve new sensitivity in the textile field: plant-based textile production, technology Promote textile recycling and bioengineering of natural raw materials.


6. Textiles and the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence

At the opening press conference, guests deeply discussed the application and importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the textile industry. Together they reflect on how artificial intelligence can speed up the design process and the various processes that have been tried and tested in the home textile industry. At the same time, the guests also discussed how to prevent copyright infringement and shared their ideas and solutions.

Heimtextil 2025 plans to launch groundbreaking new installations to provide many attendees with a unique immersive design experience. It is reported that the next Heimtextil will be held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Germany from January 14 to 17, 2025. Let's wait and see what's new!

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