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International Innovative Functional Fabric Trends, April 2-3!
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International Innovative Functional Fabric Trends, April 2-3!

PERFORMANCE DAYS, a functional textile exhibition founded in Munich, Germany, has developed over the years and has become an internationally renowned brand in the field of functional textile exhibitions. It currently holds seven exhibitions around the world every year. As a brand exhibition in the functional textile industry, Performance Days is committed to providing a professional platform for brand product development with leading information and trend releases representing industry directions.


1. Scenario-specific exhibition area

The 2024 Shanghai PD Spring and Summer Exhibition will preset the PERFORMANCE FORUM international functional surface accessories fashion trend area, award-winning fabric display area, INNOVATION innovation area, functional finished product application trend display area, Bluesign sustainable area, 37.5 functional materials supply chain area, etc. Multiple special exhibition areas!

Innovation Forum

This area will rely on PD's global resources to bring together the world's latest innovative functional textile technologies and materials that have not yet been applied on a large scale in the market, including environmental protection, high performance and other fields, to improve the convenience and terminal use of brands to explore new materials. Product design experience.

Performance Forum

PERFORMANCE FORUM takes the next year's fashion trends as its theme and skillfully integrates fashion elements into the display design to bring a more impactful visual experience to the audience! PERFORMANCE FORUM's international fashion trend of functional surface accessories will interpret the market trend from multiple dimensions with the latest selected products of top domestic and foreign companies, and empower product design and guide development with technology and trends.

Award Fabrics

The area will focus on displaying excellent sustainable environmentally friendly fabrics and innovative functional fabrics that have been rigorously selected from exhibitors by a jury of experts from different fields to provide guidance for product development in the next season.

2. Gathering of big names and new products

This spring and summer exhibition will bring together high-level suppliers of innovative functional textile accessories and new materials at home and abroad, including 37.5, Amaterrace, Borgini, Carvico, Dry-tex, Flying Textile, J.Y. Textile, KCC, Lavalan, Lycra, Nobal , Pertex, Primaloft, Polygiene, Prutex, Romrol, Rudolf, Sealon, Sherperd, Sitip, Sympatex, Unitex, Xlance, Y-warm and more than 180 outstanding companies from more than 10 countries and regions including Germany, Italy, Japan, etc., they It will bring various black technology functional fabrics and innovative environmentally friendly materials to the industry.

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