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Precision Textiles Commits To Unifi’s Repreve For Sustainability Push

Precision Textiles Commits To Unifi’s Repreve For Sustainability Push

Fairfield, N.J. – As part of its ongoing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, Precision Textiles has partnered with Unifi to use Repreve, the company’s recycled polyester yarn, to produce all its filler cloth products.

The partnership is the first collaboration in the industry making Precision Textiles the only bedding component producer to use Repreve in its nonwoven products, the companies said.

Repreve was developed out of concern of the amount of plastic waste in the environment. The yarns are spun from recycled plastic bottles that would make their way to landfills and into the oceans.

“We are extremely proud to be the first and only FR nonwoven component supplier to use Repreve recycled performance fiber in our products,” said Gerry Welkley, national sales manager at Precision Textiles. “This technology is being used in many other industries by some of the world’s most recognized brands, so we are very excited to bring it to the mattress industry.

“Today’s consumers are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact with their product purchases. Because we consume millions of pounds of yarn during the manufacturing of our filler cloth products, our collaboration with Unifi showcases our dedication to meeting these consumer expectations for our customers and reaffirms our commitment to a more sustainable future.”

Every 100-yard roll of the company’s Endure IFR and Advantage SB non-woven products will include Repreve recycled performance fiber made from 228 recycled water bottles. As a result, Precision Textiles will eliminate more than 20 million plastic water bottles from waste streams on an annual basis, the company said.

“Our customers consistently ask how we are handling sustainability and what we can do to help them improve their efforts to manufacture eco-friendly products,” said Bob O’Connell, executive vice president marketing and merchandising at Precision Textiles. “Our partnership with Repreve answers the call and allows our customers to be part of this initiative.”

Precision Textiles has a family of products that offer sustainability options for mattress manufacturers, including a portfolio of USDA Bio-Preferred and UL Greenguard Gold-certified FR products.


Article sourse: https://www.hometextilestoday.com/

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