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Preparation Of PLA Microfibers By Green Microflow Spinning Method
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Preparation Of PLA Microfibers By Green Microflow Spinning Method

Polylactic acid (PLA) fibers are widely used in the field of medical textiles. However, traditional spinning methods often involve the use of high temperatures or toxic organic solvents. Wang Wuchao and others from the Swiss Federal Institute of Materials Science and Technology (Empa) reported a green strategy for PLA fiber preparation, using the biosource green solvent CyreneTM as the solvent, combined with the precise and mild spinning conditions provided by microfluidic technology. , achieved the preparation of protein-loaded high-porosity PLA microfibers at room temperature.

This strategy is achieved by forming a hydrogel shell in situ around the polylactic acid/CyreneTM spinning dope. This hydrogel shell stabilizes the core flow and promotes solidification of the PLA fibers. This hydrogel-assisted microfluidic wet spinning (HA-MWS) strategy does not rely on petroleum-based chemicals, enables controllable PLA fiber preparation, and broadens the application prospects of PLA fibers in the biomedical field.

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