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Protecting the Canton Fair, the “Dog Team” plays an important role
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Protecting the Canton Fair, the “Dog Team” plays an important role

The 135th Canton Fair is in full swing. The Pazhou Canton Fair Complex is crowded with Chinese and foreign merchants every day. It is worth noting that there is a special figure at the scene-a police dog.

Carpet search of 1.55 million square meters

On the first day of the opening, dozens of Guangzhou police explosive detection dogs arrived at the Canton Fair exhibition hall before 6 o'clock. At this time, the surroundings were silent. The deputy captain of the police dog training base of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau explained that the police dogs will conduct a comprehensive search of the entire exhibition hall area to eliminate flammable and explosive materials. It is understood that this exhibition covers an area of ​​1.55 million square meters, with 55 exhibition areas and a total of nearly 74,000 booths. After the on-site commander quickly assembled the team and clarified the division of labor, he immediately led the police dogs to various exhibition halls.

Offices, mechanical and electrical rooms, restaurants, parking lots, pedestrian passages, toilets...the police dogs sniffed every one of them. Among them, the booth was the key area for police dogs to work. Due to the large number of internal facilities and their irregular distribution, the complexity of the space is doubled. Therefore, it becomes more difficult for police dogs to search the Canton Fair exhibition hall. Some trainers said that they had found paint, alcohol, lighters, etc. in the exhibition hall. "These are mainly left behind accidentally during the decoration process. If they are not discovered, they will cause serious consequences if they encounter an open flame." In addition, the Canton Fair exhibits a variety of goods, and the smell generated is particularly rich. For police dogs, it will cause great disturbance. They need to accurately identify and locate suspicious targets in the complex world of flavors.

The role of police dogs is becoming more and more obvious

At around 7 a.m., the police dogs completed the search of the exhibition hall and concluded the first task. In order to ensure the best condition, the handler will arrange timely rest for the police dogs, allowing them to drink water and eat dry food to restore their physical strength and olfactory sensitivity. 

From morning to evening, police dogs work until the Canton Fair exhibition hall closes. Police dogs have become "associated" with the Canton Fair as early as around 2000, guarding from the Liuhua Road Exhibition Hall to the Pazhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall.

The role of police dogs in the security work of the Canton Fair is becoming more and more obvious. Things that cannot be detected by instruments can be found by police dogs with their keen sense of smell. People, machines and police dogs complement each other and work together to protect the Canton Fair.


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