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Recycled Products And Development Trend In Yarn Expo Spring 2024
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Recycled Products And Development Trend In Yarn Expo Spring 2024

Yarn Expo Spring was held in Shanghai during Mar 6 and Mar 8, 2024. Many recycled customers actively participated in the expo, with more than 20 booths from factories and traders. Many participants have arrived in Shanghai on Mar 5. The expo had a decent turnout, with the entrance and central area being the most crowded, showing some differentiation.

1. Market sentiment:

The feedstock and product inventory was relatively low. After the Chinese Lunar New Year, factories gradually increased their prices by 100yuan/mt to 200yuan/mt. However, subsequent orders did not meet expectations, so some prices softened. Overall, prices remained relatively stable due to tight raw material supply.

The polarization in the recycled market continues, with many exhibiting factories focusing on high-end products. For factories have good performance, orders have been fulfilled in Mar.

The market for regular varieties is generally normal after the Chinese Lunar New Year, supported by raw materials. The subsequent orders are being monitored, with local demand for colored re-PSF increasing.

Zhejiang Jiaren continues its investment in the chemical recycling method.

Due to raw material and cost issues, a few high-end products have experienced a decline in quality, resulting in more defects and uneven dyeing. Other high-end factories continue to make progress, and sales are expected to increase this year.

Xiamei has launched a new product called BOGNASS. It uses imported germanium mineral masterbatch during the melt-spinning process, which features rapid and long-lasting warmth through far-infrared heating, antibacterial properties (baby-safe), moisture permeability, sweat absorption, anti-warming, anti-odor, and anti-static properties. The warmth function of BOGNASS can serve as an alternative to high-end down feathers. It can be widely used in outdoor jackets, sleeping bags, cotton jackets, quilts, and air-conditioning blankets, etc.

2. Changes in participation of recycled polyester enterprises:

Overall, recycled factories showed a positive attitude towards participating in the exhibition, with most factories gathered at 8.2 Hall. Guangzhou Xiamei and Ningbo Dafa set up booths at 5.2 Hall, Home Textile Hall. Some regular factories, such as Zhongyuan, Qiusheng, Xingke, Huayang, did not participate in this exhibition, and some are planning to exhibit in the autumn expo.


3. Exhibition new products/interest products/related new points

This year, the exhibition attracted a large number of our clients, leaving little time for a comprehensive overview. A few noteworthy highlights include:

The rise of Chinese traditional elements: Last year, our comments on the yarn expo already highlighted the rising trend of Chinese traditional elements. The strong sales of horse-faced skirts at the beginning of this year serve as solid evidence. With both traditional cultural significance and social attributes, this trend also carries emotional value and national confidence.

Outdoor fabrics are still popular, with "cooling sensation" as a key theme. Nylon-spandex blends with cooling masterbatches and cool and comfortable viscose are becoming prevalent. Some clients are even researching the use of cooling features in sanitary materials, emphasizing natural and non-irritating cooling effects. Other distinctive products include Boheng's coffee fiber, truly symbolizing walking fashion.

The tech-savvy AI elements are closely following the trend. Style3D provides digital solutions for fashion enterprises, including digitalization of fabrics, 3D simulation design, sample review, online modifications, marketing displays, and e-commerce launches. This technological support enables fast responses for small orders from brands like Heyin, making fashion immediately visible.

4. Future development trends

Sustainability and environmental protection themes remain unchanged.

In addition, when discussing how the Chinese fashion industry can leverage international fashion and consumption trends to tap into its own creativity and long-term development, CHIC and WGSN provides five major trend themes:

1. "Emotional Care"

2. "Social Renaissance"

3. "Power of Culture"

4. "Green Coexistence"

5. "AI Creativity"


Article sourse: https://www.chinatexnet.com/

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