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Taram Textiles Retools Sateen
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Taram Textiles Retools Sateen

New York – Tapping into its roots as a vertical manufacturer of bespoke yarns, Taram Textiles says it has found a way to reinvent sateen, the most popular construction for sheets in the U.S. market.

The company’s new FloatMax sateen process packs more yarns into the float of the weave, which tradition[1]ally consists of four yarns per square inch being caught and held into place by one yarn. Taram has revamped the weave so that one yarn is catching 7 yarns in the float.

“Floating more yarns gives more face to the fabric and makes fabric smoother, silkier, shinier,” explained David Greenstein, president of strategy and sales. “When you do it in gold or platinum it looks like liquid metal. It’s that beautiful.”

The idea is not new, he noted. However, as more yarns in the float are held by a single yarn, the fabric typically loses its integrity, making it less durable. In addition, the weaving process has typically had to slow down to accommodate the extra yarns.

“We’ve found ways to weave it in certain thread counts with certain modifications to our machines so that the machines will run at speed that we can make it economically,” said Greenstein. “We’ve taking that to the max.”

Through its manufacturing trials, Taram has determined that there is a threshold of 7 yarns of float that can be put into the product in terms while still meaning durability. That is also a construction that holds the price of the finished product near the range where sateens usually sit. Hence, the brand name “FloatMax.”

At New York Home Fashions Market, Taram will be showing FloatMax in 600-, 700- and 800-count all-cotton constructions.

“You can feel the difference; it’s physically and aesthetically different. We hope to create a new standard,” he said.

Retooling sateen for spring market 2024 comes on the heels of innovations Taram made in percale constructions last market as it debuted its Reebok Home licensed collection. Reebok is presented as a sleep system that includes sheets and utility bedding products that promote wellness.

During spring market week, Taram will show its latest developments around performance cues in fabric.

“Reebok has been a great platform for giving us the opportunity to make fabrics that are different and special – and break a few of the norms, especially with these wonderful hands and feels and attributes of non-polyester manufactured yarns,” said Greenstein.

Taram Textiles’ showroom in New York is located at 230 Fifth Ave.


Article sourse: https://www.hometextilestoday.com/

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