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Techtextil And Texprocess Were Held Concurrently To Discuss The Digital Development Prospects Of The Textile Industry
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Techtextil And Texprocess Were Held Concurrently To Discuss The Digital Development Prospects Of The Textile Industry

As the world's leading trade fairs, Techtextil and Texprocess help companies move into the digital future. This exhibition will be held from April 23 to 26, 2024. It is expected to bring together more than 1,600 exhibiting companies from 50 countries and regions to showcase the latest products and technologies. All participants can find suitable partners and Digital solutions. A wealth of concurrent activities will also be held during the exhibition to build an ideal communication platform for industry insiders and industry experts.

Olaf Schmidt, Vice President of Textiles and Textile Technology at Messe Frankfurt, said: "Global dialogue helps to stimulate the textile industry's huge innovation potential in the field of digitalization. Participants from the global textile industry gather here to burst out various ideas through discussions and exchanges. Innovate inspiration and solutions to jointly seek the future development of enterprises."

Meeting challenges with digitalization

Digitalization helps companies cope with the challenges currently facing the industry and remain competitive. Enterprises can use digital development to solve a series of problems such as raw material and labor shortages, energy costs, and increasing sustainability requirements, and produce in a more efficient, fast, flexible, transparent, and cost-effective manner.
Elgar Straub, Managing Director of the VDMA Textile Care, Fabrics and Leather Technology Branch, said: “Changing consumer demands, regulatory requirements, labor shortages and an increasingly difficult trade environment continue to bring new challenges to apparel manufacturers and technical textile processors. challenges, for which textile machinery, system and process manufacturers provide the necessary solutions. At the same time, we are also happy to increase the flexibility and sustainability of production processes through digitalization and automation, thus strengthening the quality and potential of products. Help customers achieve technological innovation in the production process.”

Scientific research and market cooperation jointly promote industry innovation

Although many companies have already digitized individual links in the process chain, to realize the full potential of the textile industry, all gaps must be filled and a complete digital transformation of the textile value chain must be achieved.

Professor Thomas Gries, Director of the Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University, said: “A resilient and sustainable value chain is crucial for the future of the textile industry, and the basis for achieving this is the complete digitalization of all processing processes. To this end, Researchers and industry must work closely together to ensure speed and efficiency through new approaches such as open innovation.”

Digitalization taps new potential

Digitalization offers numerous new opportunities for textile technologies and products. This year's Techtextil and Texprocess will showcase the latest developments in various fields around the world, covering manufacturing technology, textile processing equipment, fibers, yarns, nonwovens, functional fabrics, smart textiles, etc. The product application areas include medical, mobile, construction industries, etc. . Digitalization can improve the efficiency of production and processing procedures. At the same time, smart products can also create new added value and greatly promote the development of the textile industry.

Focus on the latest developments in digitalization

The rich concurrent activities of this exhibition will bring the latest industry information to attendees. The Techtextil and Texprocess forums will focus on digitalization and production technologies as well as smart textiles, digital printing and delivery chains.

In addition, the Techtextil and Texprocess Innovation Awards will demonstrate the industry's extraordinary innovation capabilities. Among them, the two major awards of New Technology and Digitalization and Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence will focus on the latest developments in the field of digitalization.

Other event themes include:

——Texprocess Denim Talks

It focuses on the latest developments in denim finishing technology, including the importance of using machines correctly and how to significantly reduce the labor intensity in the denim finishing process.

——Techtextil Performance Apparels on Stage

Special displays include smart textile products, outdoor clothing, personal protective equipment (PPE), etc.

——Techtextil Future Materials

In this era of environmental crisis, we are beginning to turn our sights from sustainability to regenerative design, but what does this really mean and how do we define recycled textiles and materials?

——Techtextil and Texprocess tour

Visit the booths of companies dedicated to sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

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