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The 135th Canton Fair Is Worth Looking Forward To
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The 135th Canton Fair Is Worth Looking Forward To

"To meet the needs of enterprises, the 135th Canton Fair will hold more than 600 market-oriented trade promotion activities, with the number and variety reaching a record high." Chu Shijia, director of the China Foreign Trade Center, said at the Canton Fair press conference.

The trade promotion activities to be held at this Canton Fair will mainly present five characteristics:

The first is to highlight supply and procurement docking. This Canton Fair will join hands with global partners and various parts of the country to hold more than 200 "Trade Bridge" Canton Fair promotion and global supply and procurement docking activities. Organize nearly 1,000 companies to accurately connect with hundreds of overseas buyers in more than 30 countries and regions online.

The second is to highlight the debut of the first exhibition. This Canton Fair will host 315 new product launches and first exhibitions to showcase the latest achievements in the development of new quality productivity in our country.

The third is to highlight design leadership. At this Canton Fair, the Product Design and Trade Promotion Center will organize 103 design institutions from 8 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, and hold design innovation sharing sessions to help companies win the market with innovative designs and promote trade.

The fourth is to highlight trade services. This Canton Fair has set up trade service areas both online and offline to provide exhibitors and merchants with seven major categories of services, including logistics and warehousing, testing and certification, and financial insurance. This Canton Fair also set up a cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouse exhibition area for the first time, with a scale of 3,000 square meters. 158 cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouse companies from 11 provinces were organized to participate in the exhibition.

The fifth is to highlight industry exchanges. This Canton Fair adheres to the market orientation, combines the current international trade hot spots and the needs of exhibitors, and focuses on new productivity and high-quality industrial development, new channels and new models to empower high-quality overseas exports, new opportunities for global market strategies, and overseas marketing of smart home appliances and electronics. We jointly held more than 10 market-oriented professional conferences on topics such as innovation and intellectual property protection to keep abreast of industry development trends and market trends, jointly explore solutions, and provide enterprises with more fresh information.

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