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The 2024 Intertextile Exhibition Invites You To Start "Diversity And New Life" In August!

The 2024 Intertextile Exhibition Invites You To Start "Diversity And New Life" In August!

From August 14 to 16, 2024, the intertextile home textile exhibition will enter its 30th anniversary. Since its establishment, intertextile has led the international vision with advanced development and promoted industrial change.

With the resonance of all partners, the exhibition has developed into a quality, professional and diversified trend exhibition, leading the Chinese home furnishing industry into a new stage of improving quality and efficiency.


1. 4 major exhibition halls

5.1H "Brands Fabrics Hall"

It brings together high-quality soft furnishing brands in the industry. After polishing in recent years, merchants have appeared together with their flagship products.

5.2H “Trendy Fabrics Hall

Focuses on displaying trends in soft furnishing fabrics such as jacquard curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics, engineering fabrics, and wall coverings. The newly opened functional ecological leather exhibition area will break the boundaries between traditional fabrics and leather in upholstered furniture fabrics and bring leather technology into the public eye.

6.1H "International Brands Household Hall"

In line with the international frontier and connected to the global market, the audience can directly understand the latest fashion and trendy lifestyle in the international home furnishing industry.

6.2H “Furniture Fabrics Hall”

Providing the most stylish and stylish sofa fabrics to global furniture manufacturers and service providers, serving brand sofa factories, customized furniture, foreign trade furniture factories, furniture designers and other channels.


2. Soft furnishing fabric brand

Domestic soft furnishing fabrics and bedding brands have gathered together, and many industry giants have made a grand appearance with "first models", "new processes" and "new designs", leading the forward-looking industry design trends, and making a gorgeous debut to bring surprises.

Many overseas companies will be on stage one after another. Well-known exhibitors from Belgium, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Portugal, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States from many countries and regions will showcase new overseas imported fabrics and home soft furnishings. Among them, Well-known home textile companies from Belgium, Turkey and other countries and regions will exhibit in the form of pavilions.


3. Activities align with international trends

Redesign, environmental protection, high quality, personalization and intelligence have become the purchasing keywords for new consumer groups. The exhibition closely follows consumer trends and has rich and diverse supporting activities. While maintaining professionalism and forward-lookingness, it constantly seeks breakthroughs, links upstream and downstream resources, and serves and promotes high-quality development of the industry with practical actions.

This 2024 intertextile autumn and winter exhibition has arranged several cutting-edge activities, leading the home textile industry to continuously contribute to consumers' better lives from the directions of [technological innovation] [trend forecast] [aesthetic design] [technical discussion] and other directions.


4. Overseas buyers visit freestyle exhibition

As an international exhibition, the continued benefits of the visa-free policy have opened a "green channel" for overseas buyers. Up to now, my country has concluded mutual visa exemption agreements covering different passports with 157 countries and regions, and has reached agreements or arrangements on simplified visa procedures with 44 countries and regions.

The Intertextile Autumn and Winter Home Textile Exhibition takes advantage of the policy and launches the "International Buyers Return Customization Service" to accurately invite buyers from target countries + target markets to attend, convey the latest trends and information in overseas markets, and help exhibitors accurately segment vertical categories in foreign trade. Accurately develop products that meet the needs of target markets and stay ahead in the overseas Red Sea market.



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