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The 2024 Intertextile Spring And Summer Expo Came To A Successful Conclusion!
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The 2024 Intertextile Spring And Summer Expo Came To A Successful Conclusion!

On March 8, the 2024 Intertextile (Spring and Summer) Expo came to a successful conclusion.

More than 300 exhibitors from many countries and regions and tens of thousands of professional visitors launched a series of lively business contacts in Hall 5.2 of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai); dozens of exciting activities, from multi-dimensional perspectives such as market, channel, technology, design, etc., inject more power into the gathering... Let us review the wonderful scene together...

Under the spotlight, the intertextile spring and summer home textile exhibition is more dynamic. Exhibitors and buyers from all over the world are immersed in the warm business atmosphere. The enthusiasm of both supply and demand parties is high. Every second of the gathering of upstream and downstream means orders and opportunities.
Hundreds of buyers from dozens of super buyer groups contacted exhibitors. The trade atmosphere at the exhibition heated up, which promoted the completion of orders. The upstream and downstream of the industrial chain fully interacted, ultimately achieving "multi-win" and "win-win".
At the 2024 intertextile exhibition, the products brought by the exhibitors attracted a large number of visitors. New high-quality functional products focusing on sustainability and personalization emerged one after another, constantly refreshing the innovation dimension and outlining the next stop of popularity.
The 2024 intertextile exhibition gives full play to its role as a high-end dialogue platform, with exciting sections such as design trends, cutting-edge technology, and channel magnifying glass. Top experts, together with senior managers from government departments and industry enterprises, conduct high-end discussions on emerging technologies, industry development trends, and policy directions. Dialogue and exchange of ideas to discuss sustainable development and future innovation.
Intertextile Spring and Summer Home Textiles Exhibition, together with colleagues in the industry, used the grand occasion of the exhibition to once again prove the innovation power of the home textile industry, the vitality of the enterprise, the influence of the industry, and the cohesion of the platform.
Behind the enthusiasm of the exhibition is the warmth of the strong economic recovery of the home textile industry, as well as the sincerity and vision of the 2024 intertextile spring and summer home textile exhibition to invite home textile people around the world to share opportunities. Let’s look forward to meeting again in August!
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