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The Third Phase Of The 135th Canton Fair Will Be Launched On May 1
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The Third Phase Of The 135th Canton Fair Will Be Launched On May 1

The second phase of the 135th Canton Fair was successfully held from April 23 to 27. Despite extreme weather such as continuous heavy rains, exhibitors from all over the world continued to participate enthusiastically and enthusiastically. The "super traffic" effect of the Canton Fair continued to appear, fully reflecting the appeal of "China's No. 1 Exhibition" to the global business community.

Overseas buyers participating in the meeting maintained a growth trend. Since the opening of this Canton Fair, there has been a steady flow of visitors and strong popularity. As of April 27, a total of 191,928 overseas buyers from 214 countries and regions had attended the conference, an increase of 22.1% over the same period last year. Among them, there are 124,342 purchasers from countries co-building the “Belt and Road”, accounting for 64.8%; 46,663 purchasers from RCEP countries, accounting for 24.3%; and 38,864 purchasers from Europe and the United States, accounting for 20.2%. 

Design innovation, green and low carbon have become the biggest highlights. In the second phase, there were 9,820 offline exhibitors, including over 1,400 high-quality companies, 300 more than the previous session. Enterprises generally pay more attention to transforming and upgrading traditional industries with new technologies, and pay more attention to improving the "new content" and "green content" of daily consumer products. More innovative, high-quality, and low-carbon products that reflect new productivity have emerged, becoming the "new business card" for Chinese manufacturing to expand into the international market. 

The digital upgrade of online platforms empowers offline exhibitions. The online platform with more complete functions provides convenience for buyers to search for information in advance, make appointments for offline negotiations, and explore more business opportunities. As of April 27, exhibitors had uploaded more than 2.5 million exhibits, and exhibitors’ stores had been visited 2.99 million times; there were 8 million visitors, of which 89% were from overseas; 366,814 visitors from 229 countries and regions Overseas buyers participated in the conference online, and the number of buyers from ASEAN, RCEP, and BRICS countries increased significantly.

Trade docking activities have achieved positive results. As of April 27, this Canton Fair has successfully held 216 Canton Fair promotion and global supply and procurement docking activities. We held industry activities such as new productivity and high-quality development of industries, cross-border empowerment of foreign trade and high-quality overseas trade, and held 66 new product debut events. Establish the "9+2" city import and export economic and trade activity area in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, hold the Canton Fair Food and Music Festival "Greater Bay Area Night", and provide economic and trade cooperation and exchange services for participating enterprises in the Greater Bay Area. 

The third phase of the 135th Canton Fair will be held from May 1st to May 5th. With the theme of "Better Life", it will focus on displaying 21 products in five major sectors: toys and maternity and infants, fashion, home textiles, stationery, and health and leisure. There are 11,495 offline exhibitors in the exhibition area, including 262 import exhibition exhibitors from 29 countries and regions. Welcome business people from all over the world to visit and purchase at the Canton Fair.

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