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These Are The 3 Style Trends That Will Define Christmas, Seasonal Buying In 2024
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These Are The 3 Style Trends That Will Define Christmas, Seasonal Buying In 2024

Frankfurt, Germany – In January, Germany-based holiday show Christmasworld showcased three defining trends for Christmas 2024 and a host of on-theme products during its annual market event.

While all three trends may look different on the surface, trendspotters with Christmasworld note that the “megatrend” of sustainability is a focus in each style. Sustainability’s “importance in the design of products and the overall product range is constantly increasing,” per a release, along with a consumer demand.

The three styles highlighted during Christmasworld 2024 include the following:

Creative Variety

This style, dubbed “Spirit of Craft_bold + poetical,” celebrates the “positive power of individuality and versatility,” per a release. Picturesque patterns and the flair for the 1970s blend with clear shapes and a modern design to create this free-spirited style. Per Christmasworld, this finds creative expression in the “unusual and high-quality glass decorations” from brands like the German group Inge Glas. Motifs such as audio cassettes, paintbrushes, rubber dinghies and tents set the mood for the festive season and beyond. Product that works in the context put “traditional craftsmanship is put into a new context” with trendy looks and sustainable methods of production.

Relaxed Nature

Well-being and tranquility are at the heart of “Quality of Silence_pure + familiar.” With natural designs and soft colors, it works to create “a cozy ambiance of harmony,” per Christmasworld. The style can be found in all Christmasworld product group including everything from handmade and fair-trade felt figurines from Nacha to delicate decorations made from recycled paper by Abhinav. The color palette blends terracotta and straw yellow with light wood shades, ecru and sand.

Natural Opposites

Set somewhere between “energy, down-to-earthness, magic, calm and change,” as described by Christmasworld, “Aura of Progress_visionary + elemental” combines the seemingly contradictory to create an “extravagant ambience in which originality meets progress.” The vibrant color palette ranges from fresh aquatic tones, violet, brown and stone grey to solar yellow and lava orange. The warm shades are reflected in products like Christborn’s new collection, inspired by African designs and suitable for year-round decoration with their intense orange and yellow tones.

Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld will continue to take place at the same time at the Frankfurt exhibition center. However, they will be moved to the beginning of February to ensure that the trade fair dates are aligned in 2025. At this time, Ambiente and Christmasworld are scheduled for Feb. 7-11 and Creativeworld is set for Feb. 7-10.


Article sourse: https://www.hometextilestoday.com/

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