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Yunus USA Gives Itself More Elbow Room To House Growing Operation

Yunus USA Gives Itself More Elbow Room To House Growing Operation

New York – Yunus USA, the New York-based affiliate of Yunus Textile Mills Limited of Pakistan, has relocated in Midtown Manhattan to accommodate a recent increase in personnel and its expansion into two new product categories.

The company’s new 13,500-sq.-ft. showroom comprises the fourth floor at 330 Fifth Ave., the same building where its previous showroom was located.

During the upcoming spring New York Home Fashions Market, Yunus USA will make use of the fresh space to introduce its entry into the shower curtain and window treatment businesses.

“We have been supplying shower curtains and window treatments to a couple national retailers but have not previously looked at expanding the distribution beyond those, explained Jeffrey Kambak, president of Yunus USA. “Part of our growth strategy behind our 2023 personnel expansion was to allow us to aggressively expand our customer base for these key categories,”

The development of our 2024 window treatment line has been “an incredible collaboration between the US and Pakistani design teams, after months of market research and product development, said Greg Hasson, VP of sales and project lead.

He noted that Yunus USA also hired a 17-year industry veteran in a consulting capacity to assist in the line planning and development of the new fabrications

Yunus USA design director Joanne Bell, who is spearheading the window curtain development, credited the unique vertical structure at Yunus and nimble sourcing department with helping to create the new shower curtain category.

“I’m excited to see them displayed in the new showroom”, she said.

Design director Liz Norhanian added, “The shower curtain development has been a great collaboration between our designers based in NYC, and the design members working in our innovation hub in Pakistan. As previews for the line have been very well received, we’re excited to launch these innovative constructions in the new showroom for all our customers.”


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